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  1. OF forest fire digi

    sending you a PM about the other frag .
  2. LaRon's upgrade: PA 120

    Thanks, Joe! Moving the tank in less than 3 weeks. Ask and ye shall receive. .
  3. 60g cube 300$

    Where is this located? Who made the tank and how old is it? .
  4. LaRon's upgrade: PA 120

    Updated pics .
  5. Parade of Tanks

    Haha, I'm in the same boat. We close at the end of August. We will be in new house Sept 1. .
  6. Chasing Corals - Netflix

    It's incredibly sad what we have done to this amazing earth. I knew the bleaching was bad last year but I didn't realize it was this bad. .
  7. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    I would love to see it too! I am moving very soon and I'm trying to figure out how I want to do this. I know I want to setup some sort of staging system at the old place. .
  8. Free purple Digi - mandeville

    Lock it up. Thanks all. .
  9. Uploading photos? Don't bother with Photobucket.

    Yea, Photobucket just nailed their coffin. It's 2017. No one needs to pay for hosting in an age where everyone has free cloud storage. PB's biggest asset and business plan was their web traffic. What a horrid business decision. .
  10. Free purple Digi - mandeville

    1 gone and 1 pending. .
  11. Free purple Digi - mandeville

    PM me for arrangements. Lots of interest. Only one pending so far. .
  12. Free purple Digi - mandeville

    2 drags and 2 mini colonies. All free. Second picture is the mother colony. Need these off my sandbed. .
  13. One can hope, but given how ridiculously expensive even basic things are in this hobby, I just don't see how any of these solutions will be good price. .
  14. LaRon's upgrade: PA 120

    Canopy is two xr30w gen3 radions (non pro) runnig at 30% peak for 12 hours. I have four 54w t5 running 8 hours a day on both channels with two coral+ and two blue+. My radion spectrum does not change throughout the day. The intensity just ramps up and then back down. I still get a little shimmer inside the tank and I'm happy with it. That's the only reason I don't go full t5. I wanted to try a couple of actinic bulbs but the tank is doing so great now that I'm not risking changing the lights. .