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  1. Reef 238 Photos

    Where is this awesome setup located? How big is the feef? .
  2. LaRon's upgrade: PA 120

    Tank is roughly 2 months post move. No sandbed has helped raise my nutrients. I'm staying around 2ppm nitrates naturally now and I have seen improvements in color and growth. As a result I have been able to increase flow by about 15% .
  3. Stoned's 210 Upgrade

    Glad to see things have turned around finally!!! .
  4. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    @lars I'll take the blue digi. Want me to meet this weekend or just wait until meet? .
  5. GSP rock

    No longer for sale. Mods please close .
  6. GSP rock

    Price drop $5 I want this gone .
  7. All gone lock it up .
  8. GSP rock

    $15 pickup in Mandeville .
  9. RODI Add-on: drinking water

    Sold mods please close .
  10. RODI Add-on: drinking water

    $25 Everything you need besides the Y attachment (couple bucks at Lowe's) to add drinking water to your RODI system. New house has a whole house filter system so I no longer need this. Faucet Taste/odor block Reservoir Pickup in Mandeville .
  11. Rubbermaid and Hanna checkers pending .
  12. 100g Rubbermaid - $40 picked up in Mandeville. Bulkhead is leaking a slow drip. Best case it just needs to be tightened and siliconed. Worse case it needs a new bulkhead. Easy fix but I have no use for this anymore and I want out of my garage. Box of goodies has a range of stuff in it from small pumps to QT gear. Free with any purchase. Hanna calcium checker $20 Hanna phosphate checker $20 .
  13. Purple Slimer Frags

    Yes .
  14. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Looking great. Love that room! Who made that small tank? It's sweet. .