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  1. Madisonville Elementary's 10 Gallon Nuvo

    Hey grey ghost when you are in my neck of the woods hit me up and I will give a frag or two of soft corals
  2. looking for a few easy sps

    Thanks I am building a mixed reef and spongodes is on my list of sps frags i want as I have Monti cap, Monti digi, so Monti is my game though I still am looking for a healed frag of slimer
  3. looking for a few easy sps

    I have been keeping a few sps but I am looking for a easy acro something like the green slimer or another old school acro
  4. looking for leather and mushroom corals

    bump also pink fairy duster zoas
  5. I'm on the hunt for cool small leather frags and a few mushroom
  6. Stupid clown

    my clarkii clown hosted a rock full of majano nems and yes the majano nems are there and let to live because they are well behaved
  7. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    yhea brother don't give up just go smaller I got my but kicked by a 40 gallon reef tank I had so I then moved it into a 10 gallon and keep the coral that meant the most to me and when I got the guts I moved up to a 29 gallon
  8. looking for a filter

    thanks but I need one for a 40breeder
  9. looking for a filter

    my biowheel 350 is on its way out and I need a new filter for my goldfish tank I like hob but don't mind canister type filters if I can find one
  10. Free gsp

    I'm not sure but I do want some
  11. Free gsp

    I'm down for a patch
  12. looking for a coral starter pack

    I'm looking for a few frags of soft coral mainly palys, gsp, leather, easy lps, and mushroom corals
  13. looking for toadstools and gsp

    I'm looking for a frag of toadstool and gsp
  14. Pink lightning cloves 4 sale

    and lars I would like that
  15. Pink lightning cloves 4 sale

    I will take a frag plz