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  1. bump also pink fairy duster zoas
  2. I'm on the hunt for cool small leather frags and a few mushroom
  3. my clarkii clown hosted a rock full of majano nems and yes the majano nems are there and let to live because they are well behaved
  4. yhea brother don't give up just go smaller I got my but kicked by a 40 gallon reef tank I had so I then moved it into a 10 gallon and keep the coral that meant the most to me and when I got the guts I moved up to a 29 gallon
  5. thanks but I need one for a 40breeder
  6. my biowheel 350 is on its way out and I need a new filter for my goldfish tank I like hob but don't mind canister type filters if I can find one
  7. I'm not sure but I do want some
  8. I'm down for a patch
  9. I'm looking for a few frags of soft coral mainly palys, gsp, leather, easy lps, and mushroom corals
  10. I'm looking for a frag of toadstool and gsp
  11. and lars I would like that
  12. I will take a frag plz
  13. what about fish safety
  14. true so I'm going to pass
  15. I do but in my 29 gallon I don't know how my big pair of clarkiis would take him