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  1. It's been a while since I have updated the post. After months of fighting the hair algae issue and weekly water changes and rock scrubbing along with the addition of a yellow tang, I can say the extra effort has paid off. The only other addition to the tank has been some acros form Fraghouse Corals. I would post some pictures but my camera is currently not functioning at this time and whenever I use the phone the picture don't pop like they should. I have noticed a strange relationship in the tank, The new yellow tang and the mandarin goby seem to hang out together often. Has anyone else seen one do this?
  2. Yes, I ordered a Typhoon III from Air Water Ice. I messaged Brandon Wear with Fraghouse Corals to see what salt he has been using; Fritz RPM was the answer. This was the confirmation I needed to pull the trigger. I have done a few water changes since getting everything setup, and I have seen the new Goni look better then it has since being placed in the tank. Plus, we checked the fresh salt water and had good reading. I just need to mix the bucket of salt up some more to see if that gets me to the next level. This also will allow me to begin the process of setting up a QT in order to add some fish back to the system.
  3. I decided to pull the trigger and setup an RO/DI system. I should have all the equipment by this weekend, and the salt sometime before next week. After speaking with some people, I decided to try out Fritz RPM.
  4. Thanks. so far everything is doing well as long as the crab stops messing with the Zoas. As for the algae problem, it is dying off just a slow process. I am debating on setting up a RO/DI system so better control the water specs. I know eventually I will need to especially when I want to start adding fish back to the system since I will use a QT.
  5. If I was certain everything in the tank was 100%, I would have gotten some more sticks from FHC. So, the plan is to watch these guys over the next couple of months. If everything is good and the algae continues to decrease or be eliminated, I will add some more sticks, which means saving up for Macna.
  6. Here is the haul from Fragniappe ignore the algae on some of the rocks. Its a slow process but it is getting better. Nightmare Zoa Twizzler Zoa Orange Bam Bam Zoa Fruit Loop Zoa Unknown Zoa - Perhaps someone can name this one? Fire and Ice Zoa FHC Purple Rain Acro FHC Blazed Up Digi Gold Hammer Orange Mushroom Rainbow Acan Orange Acan Echinata Gonipora Mandarin Tank with the new additions. We added some rock rubble so we could glue the acans to them.
  7. I have been cleaning the canister once a month. I started doing weekly water changes and using Phosbond. Since I started that, I have notice a reduction in algae, and it is slowly dying off. I still have some, but there has been a lot of improvement. The BTA came from fragniappe last year from Murfreesboro. It has been doing great even with the tank transfer. Only moved a few inches after it settled down. I post some picture of the latest haul after they settle in.
  8. The wife and I got a few (16) items total. I will post pictures on my build in a few days after they settle in. We spent yesterday dipping and placing and today gluing them down. 1) Green Mandarin 2) FHC - Purple Rain Acro 3) FHC - Blazed Up Digi 4) Gold Hammer 5) Orange Bam Bam Zoa 6) Fire and Ice Zoa 7) Nightmare Zoa 8) Zoa (not sure of the name, perhaps someone can tell me once I post the pictures) 9) Orange Mushroom 10) Rainbow Acan 11) Orange Rainbow Acan 12) Echinata Acan 13) Pink Gonipora 14) Yellow Brick Road Zoa 15) Fruit Loop Zoa 16) Twizzler Zoa Thanks
  9. The corals that remain are doing well, and I have not added any new fish yet. I am still fighting the algae issue. I am going to go with more frequent water changes and use PhosGuard to try to eliminate it. I was doing water changes once a month (10 gallons) but now am starting 5 gallons every two weeks. I hoping to add more coral to the tank during Fragniappe. My daughter picked out a blasto during the meet and greet which is doing well so far. I am also debating on a fish to help clean up the algae issue. I would like a yellow tang but am afraid the tank is too small to house it, so I may go with a tailspot Blenny.
  10. I finally got around to taking some new pictures. I am currently fighting an algae breakout which I can't seem to get under wraps. I am not sure if I need to add more clean up crew or something else. I don't think I am over feeding the tank, and I have the white lights on for 7 hours at low percentage and blue on for 9. The sole fish survivor in the tank.
  11. When I first put a BTA in my tank, it did the same thing. It went into a cave and hung upside down for a few weeks. It finally made the turn to the back of the cave and came out into view, but the foot stayed on the bottom side.
  12. Thanks for the info. I want to make sure the tank is clean and pest free before adding anything else. Does anyone know the best way to QT a Mandarin? He is one of the reasons; I changed to salt water. I am afraid to put place him it into the DT when its time, but a QT would not have pods for it eat. When setting up a QT is it better to use all new water or use some water from the DT with new water?
  13. Didn't make it. The tank got infected and all the fish with the exception of one firefish died. It has been at least a month now the firefish is still doing good. I plan on waiting a little longer to ensure everything is good. All the coral is still showing good health. It was a tough lesson to learn, but I will now quarantine all new fish. Will do some research on best methods. I still have the old 26 gallon and equipment, so I would like to use that tank and set it up as needed.
  14. The temperature is set to 76. I think the Royal Gramma got the tank sick because the clowns had a few white spots that went away and then soon after died. These clowns were fully healthy from the original tank. They were in that one for 8 months prior to the transfer. I like the Blue Spot and Aquatic Sealife happen to have one when I went in, so I couldn't pass it up.