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  1. Rick92

    Tanks for sale

    120 gallon sold to Corey!
  2. Rick92

    Tanks for sale

    I have a 120 aqueous Tank used with small scratch on side not noticible really. Can take $250. The 210 gallon is brand new, comes with some plumbing and also has black silicone. Brand new was $1500 I’m willing to take $800 or best offers because I decided to buy a Red Sea. Neither comes with a stand. You can contact me at 225-281-6529 Ricky. 120 Aqueon tank 210 gallon Aqueon tank. I’m located in Baton Rouge.
  3. Rick92

    120g for sale

    Nope. Still have them.
  4. Rick92

    120g for sale

    Neither are rimless
  5. Rick92

    120g for sale

    I have a 120g I'm trying to get rid of. It's just the tank only and it has drilled holes. Looking for $300 for it. Send me a message I can show u pictures. My friend has a 150 for $400 also if anyone is interested in it. I can send pics of that as well. My friends out of town til march so the 150 won't be sold anytime soon I guess.
  6. Interested in the Red Sea if u are willing to sell separately.
  7. Rick92

    Selling few tangs

    Sold. Close please.
  8. I'm currently selling three of my tangs. I'm located in Baton Rouge. They're all in a quarantine tank I just bought them few days ago. Gonna try look at some other fishes since I have a good bit of tangs. Achilles Tang - $180 Blue Hippo Tang - $70 this guys about 5-6 inches Fire Flame Tang - $50 You can send me a pm on here if interested in seeing pics first. They all healthy and are eating. Colors are bright on them.
  9. Thanks! Gonna try get some sps in it and also hammers. Got a bunch of tangs from aquahut. Probably quarantine them for 6 weeks. Still need few rock pieces left looks kinda odd atm
  10. Plumbing done by tgn225 looks decent [emoji23] Brought the skimmer n sump at fragniappe. Was for pretty good deal and been looking around for blue sump for cheap , pretty glad they had one for sale there.
  11. Stand ready to go gonna fill it up with water and sand.
  12. Sorry about that. Just figured how to put the picture up right lol