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  1. cody3819

    Biocube 32

    Sold, please close. .
  2. cody3819

    Biocube 32

    Located in Lafayette .
  3. cody3819

    Biocube 32

    Selling 32 Biocube with stock LED Hood $200. .
  4. Found one, please close. .
  5. Anyone in the Lafayette area selling a 40 Breeder. On that has never seen copper. If so, please let me know .
  6. Wish you were a little closer. Thank you. .
  7. -Sold- please close .
  8. Looking to sell this JBJ nano cube DX. I am also willing to take trades. .
  9. Thanks for the info .
  10. Its a very nice tank, but I’m looking for a complete system to make a frag tank . I’m sure this will make a awesome tank for someone. Thank you for the reply .