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  1. 90 gal rimless glass cage for sale + equipment

    Do you still have the MP40s? .
  2. Looking to Trade

    Fish Sold please close .
  3. Looking to Trade

    Looking around Lafayette are only please. .
  4. Looking to Trade

    Anyone looking to trade a AI Prime, used, for a Wyoming Withe Clownfish. She is 2-3 years old. .
  5. Trade

    I have a Wyoming white clownfish and I’m looking to trade it for a used AI Prime HD, preferably. She is about 2-3 years old. Looking in the Lafayette area. .
  6. AI Prime HD with Mounting Arm

    All good, thanks .
  7. AI Prime HD with Mounting Arm

    Would you take a aqua knight black box and $40? Light is about 6 months old as well. I had a Prime on my 29 Biocube and didn’t like it, but I just set up a 85 Gallon with two hydra 26’s. So I’d like to have one lighting company if possible for both tanks. OCD problems lol .
  8. 2 - AI Hydra 52 HD lights / $675

    I’m on my way to purchase some light now. If I can come now I’ll pick them up from you. .
  9. 2 - AI Hydra 52 HD lights / $675

    Can I call you? What is your number? I wanna come look at them. I’m from Lafayette, where are you located? .
  10. 2 - AI Hydra 52 HD lights / $675

    Also, would the hanging kit fit a 4 foot tank? .
  11. 2 - AI Hydra 52 HD lights / $675

    Would you take $600? .
  12. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Thanks, I’m from Lafayette do you live local? .
  13. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Sorry, I found the pics (haven’t been on the form in a while). Anyways it’s a really nice tank, what’s the dimensions? .
  14. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    Wonder why I can’t see the pics? I may be interested, please DM/Post some more pics. .