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  1. Thank for your interest. I have found a home for them. However, for those that asked about care. I am an admin for a group on FB for a US breeder. You can find excellent up to date information to research there. I don't spend much time on this forum unfortunately. Search: Seahorse Source
  2. Born this morning. H.Erectus saddled/piebald fry. Free. New Orleans Metro area. Pick up only. Text. 504-251-8584 20190907_075137.mp4
  3. Breaking down my 90g. Located in Metairie. Pick up only. Cash only. First come, first served. Cross posted. LIVE STOCK: SOLD 1 Flame Angel=$35 1 Very large Desardini Sailfin Tang (Red Sea)=$150 This boy is fat and needs to be in a 120g or larger. 1 Yellow Eye Kole Tang=$40 SOLD 1 small Orange and black Ocellaris 1 Pair Black and White misbar Ocellaris=$50 SOLD 1 Cleaner Wrasse ( he is a beast at cleaning!)=$25 Misc blue/ red crabs= Free w/ purchase of $30+ 1 Sand Sifting Starfish=$15 1 conch=$15 1 monster turbo snail=$10 SOLD Green Hammer 1 head SOLD Gold Indo Hammer 2 heads SOLD 1 large meat coral=$45 1 medium meat coral=$40 SOLD 1 Frogspawn approx 15 heads (gorgeous)=$150 a steal! 1 Duncan 1 head=$20 SOLD 1 xtra large leather=$80 this guy is about 8-10" round 1 green Hammer purple tip approx 15 heads=$150 another steal *I can break this piece up. PM for details SOLD 1 Blue Ridge=$40 1 Torch 2 heads=$45 SOLD 1 Rose Bubbletip nem=$35 take the whole rock. Has a few unidentified zoa's on it as well. Might even still have Bam Bams on it. SOLD 1 large colony green Palys= $40 over 100 heads on a unique firgure 8 shaped rock. This rock also has a few heads of Bam-Bam zoa's on it. GONE 1 other coral I can't recall proper name of=$Free with purchase of 50+ Several frags of Bam- Bam zoa=$5 p/h PM with any questions.
  4. Hey there Reef Jeeves! What live stock are you interested in? I might be parting out the live stock so I can get this system down sooner.
  5. UPDATE: 6/24/18 Parted out and sold all livestock. UPDATE: 5/10/18. I've decided to do a partial break down. I'm selling all live stock. I am creating a new thread as some of the livestock listed below is pending sale. Seek in Livestock forum "90g breakdown: Live Stock for Sale" Cross posted. Serious inquiries only!!!! Not parting out at this time. Tank is up and running. Pickup/cash only. In Metairie. Come prepared to fully dismantle and remove. I can assit. Feel free to ask any questions. Dustin at Coral Connection has tank sat for me and confirmed worth. He can attest to the quality. Asking $2k Specs: 90 gallon Planet Aquarium triple drain. Purchased May 2017. Excellent condition. Biotech Marine Bio 36 four chamber sump. Can host large refugium. Purchased April 2017. Excellent condition. Custom built canopy and stand with removable back panels to hide wiring behind the tank. Jebao DP-4 dosing pump Spectra Pure Dual Reactor 2 Kessil A150w- Ocean Blue Fluval AquaSky LED light w/ remote UV Sterilizer UVC 136 or 155 not certain. Spare sleeve and bulb. Bulb replaced 6 months ago. Blue line Aqua External pump 30x Various puck/strip lighting (moon) with remotes Maxspect Gyre X-150 with original case and spare parts Eheim 150w heater 3 light timers (outdoor weather resistant covered) Ground probe x2 Digital thermometer x2 Custom built removable cover electrical panel in stand base. Set up is very clean and all equipment cords/panel is labeled and mounted. It has a Sentry ATO unit, but it's not properly working. Maybe needs a new sensor? Many misc extra's can be thrown in. LIVE STOCK: APPROX 90LBS live & some dry thrown in. 1 Flame Angel 1 large Desardini Sailfin Tang 1 Yellow Eye Kole Tang 1 small Orange and black Ocellaris 1 Pair Black and White misbar Ocellaris 1 Cleaner Wrasse ( he is a beast at cleaning!) Misc blue/ red crabs 1 Sand Sifting Starfish 1 conch 1 monster turbo snail Green Hammer 1 head Gold hammer 2 heads 1 large meat coral 1 medium meat coral 1 Frogspawn approx 15 heads (gorgeous) 1 Duncan 1 head 1 xtra large leather 1 green Hammer approx 15 heads 1 Blue Ridge 1 Rose Bubbletip nem 1 large colony green Palys 1 other coral I can't recall proper name of Several frags of Bam- Bam zoa Other misc items will be thrown in. If it's not listed it's not included. Most equipment purchased at Aquatic Sealife.
  6. SOLD: Drilled 75 gallon tank. Has some scratches. Pick up only. Metairie, LA. $50.00 usd. Pictured open side down. Cross posted.
  7. SOLD: Drilled 75 gallon tank. Has some scratches. Pick up only. Metairie, LA. $50.00 usd. Pictured open side down. Cross posted.
  8. Hey everyone! I am looking for seahorse keepers in the Nola area. More specifically ones that have successfully obtained a prescription of Diamox from a vet or any doctor willing to write for treating GBD (gas bubble disease). I learned today from my vet that scripts can be faxed across statelines. If I had known that I would have asked Dan/Abby at Seahorse Source who they used in years past when I talked to them this morning but seeing how they are in Ft. Peirce, Fl and in heavy prep mode for Irma I don't want to call them again. Advice?