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  1. wish you were closer.... would trade for that skimmer!
  2. have two ill be removing from my tank here ASAP. rainbows. located in ponchatoula. just have to try to get them free. ill be at the meet, or you can shoot me ur # in PM ill send you pics.
  3. 🤔 I've got one that my 210 is sitting on. May consider selling.
  4. Worth a shot. The prime up for warranty, what's the status of the replacement? Would be willing to trade you a kessil 350 for them.
  5. My cousin just picked up a tank. If you have anything left when he finally gets it stable. He would be interested.
  6. All gone to @Mojoman Mods please close.
  7. Kenya tree fits the script. Interested in those branch pieces.
  8. When do you have to get rid of the tank by?
  9. Haven't decided yet starting to lean towards resealing/redesigning it. Idk how to upload pics here But it's 7x2x2 with a custom wooden frame - not the greatest of wooden frame jobs.
  10. Have 4 golf ball size bunches of dragon's breath available. $15/ea And a decent yellow toadstool frag/mini colony(?) It's about 3-4" across when fully open. $30. Open to trades of sps, favia, zoa. Nano/pico equipment. (5g and 24g)