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  1. still got a small white spot on him.. Its the only spot..
  2. It is just one eye, and it looks like it is cloudy and slightly swollen..
  3. anybody?
  4. ok.. looking for some feedback here.. Ick on purple tangs looking better, but now hippo has left cloudy eye!! WTF? Any ideas what this is? He's eating like a pig...
  5. You do need some nitrates and phosphates for the coral.. Zero is not good.. The only problem I see with your numbers is if you NO3 and PO4 is truly at "Zero" then your alk cant be much above 7.5dkh
  6. Hey @stoned!! hows your tank coming along? Any update??
  7. Ok, So after several days of soaking sea veggies with vita chem and garlic, a lot of the tiny white ick spots have disappeared. Not completely but a good bit. The one thing that is a little alarming is there is 1 larger cotton fuzzy spot on its side. Now I say larger, but thats relative. I would say its the size of the very tip of a toothpick. Small but large in comparison to what it had before... Lights are still down with regards to hours on, and Im keeping JS veggies on a clip in addition to the constant 2 day feeding from the Neptune AFS... And yes, I completely understand the value of a QT now!!!!! with never getting ick before, I thought it was because people were not acclimating their fish slow enough.. But I also never bought $200 fish before either.. I guess sooner or later "luck" runs out in this hobby and it becomes more about chemistry and safe practices.... Any thoughts on my explanation from above? P.S. From those 2 orders of copepods I purchased,,,,,I have a freaking explosion of amphi/copepods in my tank.. My glass is constantly covered with them!! I think they are looking through the glass waiting on a mandarin..
  8. wow, thats a lot of fish to loose!! It looks like the PT is doing better, Ive been keeping vitamin soaked sea veggies in the tank all day..
  9. Ok, well I have been feeding non stop with Vita Chem and my tank smells like Garlic.. Im growing garlic in the But it looks like its subsiding a little, and I also turned my lights down a little bit to hopefully cut down on the stress..
  10. I have never in all my years of reefing, believe it or not experienced ick.. As common as it may be, I'm not the expert on this particular subject.. I have this new 120 tank up and running and basically added all of the fish at one(within 3 weeks), had no QTank, and my last fish, Purple Tang has ick spots.. Now there is no way with the rock in there would I be able to catch it, so I have been soaking the food(Sea Veggies & LRS Herbivore Frenzy) with garlic and Vita Chem. Is there anything else I can so to help treat it in the tank without damaging my SPS corals? Temp stays at precisely between 78.5 and 79.. lights are on from 8am to 6pm thoughts anyone?
  11. Freaking Mondays!!! Sometimes you just feel like a ROOKIE!!! So I put some vita chem and others in my tank and decided to temp hold the sump off . Well my feeding cycle came on which means then the pump was in off mode along with the skimmer. Now 2 hrs later thinking that my skimmer was manually off by me, and plus since I was taking an early lunch so I could"hurry" up and get back I decided to override and turn the skimmer on...... Well lets just say I overfilled my skimmer and dumped a weeks worth of skim mate back into the sump.. Luckly it was off, I propped up the skimmer and have it skimming again... So I let it skimmer in the tank for an hour, turned the pump back on. Also hooked up my carbon reactor again too, just in case... WOW, what a day!!! HELLO MR MONDAY!!!!
  12. Just so everyone knows, I will vouch for their nice pods.. I have made 3 orders with them so far and the pods have been awesome.. Just thought I would share my email blast I received!! Usually they are like $25 per 1k...
  13. Looki g good!!!
  14. Im sry, thought i said hello. I was mez'd by the crawfish and shocked at Mr Red Beard. Lol. Lets see if he keeps it for the wedding.