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  1. hello!!!

    the filter with the rings around it, I got from Lowe's. I figured I would try household sediment filter.
  2. hello!!!

    its city water and no this place in in one of them fancy trailer parks lol. Its all brand new trailers/construction. We have lived here for 5 months now.
  3. Announcing Fragniappe 2016 - Saturday, March 5

    yes. im already saving money for this event. already told my husband he better not be working that day lol ThaNK YOU
  4. hello!!!

    1 lowes filter and 1 BRS filter
  5. hello!!!

    2 carbon, 1 di, 1 75 gph membrane
  6. hello!!!

    maybe this is my problem its hooked up to my washer connection.
  7. hello!!!

    there are the 1 micron sediment filters from lowes. Again this is after 30 gallons
  8. hello!!!

    out of tap not bad lol its clear and I have used there sediment filters from lowes. Still looks horrible. Lets just say I should buy stock in BRS in sediment filters lol
  9. hello!!!

    thank you. we built everything ourselves. We also drilled the tanks too. We are big DIY people lol
  10. Announcing Fragniappe 2016 - Saturday, March 5

    we will be there. This will be our first one since we moved back. cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So....... Can someone tell me what exactly goes on, so we know what to do? Thanks
  11. hello!!!

    thank you. once we get a bigger place my 125 will be back up and running. We drilled the rock and used pavers to make the columns.
  12. hello!!!

    my 58 gallon tank. currently re aqua scaping it now
  13. hello!!!

  14. hello!!!

  15. hello!!!

    anyone else have this problem? this is my sediment filter after making only 30 gallons of ro/di water. I noticed here in lake Charles the water is nasty.