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  1. Sand

    I used this sand in my 92, with 2 mp40's, plus a couple of their fans. Very cloudy!!! I didn't want to buy all new sand, so I just added a bag of courser sand over the top, and all has been clear! The fine sand used to get the coolest ripples, depending on currents, but it would also clog up my sock filters in no time...
  2. Pair of MP40W(wireless) $250

    I've got a used pair of MP40's. I don't know their age, as I got them used. One of the wet sides had been replaced recently(6 months+/-). I've been running them at <80%, and they're working fine! For those who don't know, these are awesome and work together, wirelessly, and run through "programmed sequences" simulating tides, swells, all sorts of cool things!!! located North of Henderson Thx, Chris~ 337-fouronetwo -8732
  3. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    You guys are awesome! And I appreciate all the kind words, and numerous offers to help! I love "fiddling" too! Problem is, for me "fiddling" is anither $40+ coral, or fish, or...etc. Truth be known, I've been on workers comp for a year now(which means making enough money to survive, but not thrive), and just found out about another surgery on May 25th. My tank kinda crashed during recovery from the last one, and another crash isn't an option! So, if I can make the switch before surgery, I will clean everything up, and let my tank cycle and stabilize during my downtime(that's the theory), then, down the road, maybe after work starts up, I can go bigger... This is my bedroom tank: And the maintenance is nothing compared to the salt... and... I am still gonna keep my li'l biocube So, I'm not totally "out of the club"... This little feller is still "affordable" with my stupid new budget(biggest factor) I had had no clue how much I spent on my "hobby" until I saw it coming out of "savings", instead of "checking"... Y'all are such a blessing! Thank You!
  4. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    I'm seriously getting emotional just reading this! You guys are AWESOME!!!
  5. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    I prolly not the person to ask... I do have a small skimmer, that will be for sale after tear-down, but depending on bioload, it might not be enough. It all kinda depends on how many fish you're gonna have~
  6. I'll be selling everything that has to do with saltwater in my 92gallon... Fish:(all sizes are approximate) 3" trigger(purple/blue)............$30 mated pair of Clarkii Clowns..$40 (3)green Chromis(2"-3")....$10/ea Unknown puffer(2")............SOLD bar goby(3.5")........................$10 Also selling live rock with corals: (willing to separate when possible) 8" rock with shrooms and zoos $40 Kenya tree(3.5" tall), on a small rock $20 4"Kenya tree attached to snailshell $25 Mushroom rock $25 Mushroom rock $10 Large shelf rock(16"x9") covered in stuff(I don't even know what the green SPS is, but it likes this rock! $65 medium rock (Hammer is sold) toadstool, shrooms, and trumpet(not much left, but should come back) $15 Small rock with Frogspawn $25 Many small rocks/plugs covered in Zoos 10/ea Also so will be selling equipment after tear down: 4' Agualife t-5 HO 4lamp plus led's(has three zone timer built in) works great lamps are only a couple months old $100 trigger 30 gallon sump $40 (2) MP 40 Wireless $150/ea. Or $250 pair Eheim 9.5 return pump $25 AquaFX 75gallon/day Ro/Di w/TDS meter (prolly needs new cartridges, but still works fine) $50 aqua clear aquatics sump(guessing 15 gallon) $15 phosban reactor 150 $20 misc fans $10/ea. Feel free to text for more info/pictures... Thx, Chris~ 337-fouronetwo -8732 I am in the Cecelia/Henderson area. Close to exit 115 on I-10 so close to Lafayette, but not far from Baton Rouge either...
  7. My Astrias are out of control! If you are willing to part with one or two, or know someone who has some, please let me know~ Thanks!
  8. skimmer broke. need something ASAP!!

    Sorry 337-412-8732
  9. skimmer broke. need something ASAP!!

    If you wanna try it, we can work out something... I'm not real worried about it! maybe a li'l frag or something down the road... I'll be in Lafayette today, if you wanna give me a call/text 337-422-8732 thx, Chris~
  10. skimmer broke. need something ASAP!!

    Hey, I have a reef octo that needs a pump. Is your pump still functional?
  11. Fluval sea led 2.0

    How long is the light?
  12. Can anyone help me identify this conical looking critter? Three of them decided to show themselves today! I've never seen anything like them, and they certainly weren't on purpose. They are very hard shelled(I'm guessing some sorta snail), they move slowly over the rocks, holding on very firmly(I couldn't pluck it off). Thanks in advance for any help :-)
  13. BTAs $20 or 2/$30 ALL SOLD

    I'd like to get in on this action too! Thx,Chris~
  14. Large Red Cap FS

    Very interested! pm sent!