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  1. I can't call it anything other than a Blue Tort, but there might just be a handful of Blue Torts available at the April 9th meeting at Louisiana Fish Store. It is not coming from ORA so I cannot call it an ORA Blue tort...
  2. They have a poor profit margin. I am bringing them in to use, ordering extra of the ones I need. Mostly I will have 48" blue plus.
  3. I am placing an ATI order next week, I was going to place this week but ended up in the hospital for pancreatitis. Louisiana Fish Store in Baton Rouge.
  4. You still making frags. I'll take one or trade for one. I am in the hospital right now, but I can have someone pay you at Louisiana Fish Store or trade out for something.
  5. I have some at Louisiana Fish Store. $5 for a bag, or I will give you some if you bus some stuff.
  6. 240 gallon tank, stand, canopy. Tank has been resealed, it did not leak before, we just had it resealed while it was empty. 2 holes in the overflow box, 2 holes drilled on the other end for closed loop or an overflow box can be added. The stand is finished on both sides. It has cypress raised panel doors on a pine cabinet. Item is used and could use some touch up/clean up. $1000 OBO
  7. I know this is a few months old, but we stock these at Louisiana Fish Store, right now the price is $99. I am going to set up 3 for myself, I am trying to get them to give me the intro deal on the tanks again so I can keep them at $99.
  8. HACH has good stuff, I plan on getting one of their lab machines for store testing. That being said, you are looking for consistency over accuracy with your test kits. With the cheap API test kits 0 or near zero is very obvious. It doesn't start to get murky until you get 40, 80 or higher concentrations. Honestly, I can't tell the difference 40 on up. I do like Salifert kits, but for Nitrates I just use the API test kit. I go by two readings, its yellow, nitrates are zero or near zero or it is orange and I need to find the issue with the tank. If it is red I just curse and throw things around before doing a major water change.
  9. They are showing out of stock now, but I will bug my rep now that I know there is a lot of interest in the coral.
  10. I am more concerned about working space than viewing... I might just make a 4X8 table using 4 tanks... the other options is double racked 2X8 area taken up.
  11. I have a used 210 I had resealed with a peninsula style overflow. It has a stand and Canopy.
  12. So I am setting up some personal frag tanks, and I am sitting here instead of cutting wood because I cannot decide to put them in a Rack or just do a single level stand. The 10" tall tanks just scream at me to stack them up in a rack, but going only one tank level will give me plenty of room to work. Anybody have frag tanks racked or just one level high?
  13. I actually try to order these every shipment! They are always listed but I never get any.