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  1. C_man7

    15 Gallon Fully Stocked Nano Reef

    would you sell the koralia?
  2. C_man7

    Want to trade 1.5 inch blue maxima clam

    Is this still available?
  3. I havent posted on here in a while but huge update. Everything is plumbed painted and transferred. Only thing that went down with the transfer is my clowns beat my royal gramma up pretty bad in the new tank and he's not looking to hot and isn't eating. I think the stress of the move and the clownfish picking on him took it's toll but hopefully he will bounce back. I picked up a yellow watchman goby to finish off my stocking. Except now I have no fish that swim out in the open much. Here's some pics though.
  4. Roughed in the plumbing and test fit everything. It's going to be a tight fit but everything will work out. Now to finish painting and get this thing complete.
  5. Update: Took a ride out to Louisiana Fish Store this weekend and got the tank drilled and picked up about 10lbs of dry base rock. Also made my DIY screen top and drilled the holes in the stand for my plumbing and started to paint.
  6. Made some progress on the stand a couple days ago. Hoping to have it complete and ready to paint by tonight. Headed to Louisiana Fish Store tomorrow to have it drilled. Stand is 24x24x36 2x4 and 1/2" Plywood. Drawer will house all electronics. Slot will be for my rack power strip Once Open The drawer will have all my controllers, Reefkeeper Lite, Wavemaker, and Return pump. Door will be held on by earth magnets. Plan to drill holes from the top to run plumbing down to the sump so every thing is concealed in one unit. Only thing that will be exposed is the power wire to my switcher. Plan to drill two holes in the back of the stand to mount two 120mm fans one blowing in fresh air and one blowing hot air out.
  7. I was planning on having someone drill the tank for me, not thinking it would cost that much. lol However it was a decent bit more than I thought per hole so 3 holes would be killer on me. I may try to get the overflow drilled today or friday next time I'm off. I need to get the overflow on at least so I can finish cutting out the plumbing holes for my stand. I'm at the point in the build where I need to get the bulkheads in to continue. Up coming plans Drill tank, Complete stand, Rough fit plumbing/Glue Add all electrical water test then start the transfer.
  8. Looking for someone around NOLA who can drill my tank for me. Tank is a Innovative Marine 25 w/ 8mm Glass I need one hole drilled for a 1 1/2" Bulkhead, I have the bit for this. and two holes drilled for 3/4" Bulkheads, No bit
  9. Well only having standard tanks to compare it to. It's nice. The glass is 8mm about .3in thick top edge has a nice bevel to it. Back glass is smoked. I was really impressed and excited to get it complete.
  10. Roughing in the plumbing and seeing how everything fits into the sump.
  11. Back when everything started rolling in
  12. I'm starting my new build and decided to try and make this a nicer show tank/sump set up. This will be my 4th tank set up in 3+years. I ran a 20 long to get my foot in the door and quickly upgraded to a 40 breeder, which was a huge learning curve, which helped me learn alot about the hobby, but mostly what not to do, (buy cheap equipment, buy cheap coral paly/gsp and let it take over 80% of the tank, skipped maintenance and everything went down hill. Now that I have more free time I've decided to rebuild and try and do things the right way, so I ordered a Fluval Evo 13.5 to move some of my clean algae free live rock and a few pieces of coral over till I started buying the equipment for the new build over time planning to start around the holidays when work slowed down. Well then MACNA happened and I took full advantage of the buy 6 frags get 3 free and I packed them into the tank. Then Kevin over at Corals Down South got a bunch of stuff in and I picked up a few frags. So now the tank is full, but everything is happy. So onto the actual build. I decided I wanted to stay on the smaller side since I'm trying to breed Lake Tanganyika Shell dwellers in my 50g low boy in my front room and the only space I have in my living room is a 30"X30" space. I hate the look of cube tank so the at was knicked. Then I looked at 20longs which I've done or 29g but felt those wouldn't do it. Then I remember I seen Innovative Marine came out with the black series tanks that weren't all in one, and they had the 25 lagoon style. So some back and fourth between vendors trying to find one. I picked one up from Dr. Foster & Smith. As of today 10/9 all equipment has been ordered and stand is being built. Here is a list of what I have going on in the tank. Tank: Innovative Marine 25 Lagoon Black Series Sump: Eshopps Nano Cube Refugium Stand: DIY Oak Stand Lighting: Ocean Revive T247 Wavemakers: Jebao SW-2 and Koralia Nano 425 Overflow: Eshopps Eclipse S Return: Dual 3/4, Loc-Line w/ Round Nozzle Return Pump: Jebao DCS-2000 Heater: Ehiem Jager 75w Skimmer: SC Aquariums SCA 301 Fuge Light: Red/Blue Led light from Amazon Controller: Reefkeeper Lite Basic ATO: Tunze Nano ATO ATO Container: Eshopps Pacific M 5g Stocking: Pair of Mocha Clownfish Royal Gramma Plan to add: Some type of shrimp goby (hi fin, yasha, something like that) One more smaller active fish Inverts: Hermits Cerith Nassirus Astera Serpant Star Mixed Reef: Zoa Leather Hammer Acan Duncan GSP Xenia Kenya Tree Acro Birdnest Blasto Shrooms Candy Cane Here is the Evo 13.5
  13. C_man7

    Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    Def want one of those toadstools.