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  1. That would be it. Thanks First one I've seen, noob here. Pretty cool
  2. I have tried and tried but with no success to take photos with my blues on. I have a 3gal JBJ nano cubey. Stock lights so it's whites or blues not much in between. If anyone has any thoughts on an app or some little trick I would like to hear it. The pics I take just come out saturated with blue.
  3. 120rimless PA ext overflow Check out that thread not sure what is left but give him a call. He said it was going quick.
  4. His store faces Cameron St. I think there are only two businesses right there
  5. I believe it's a refractometer. As far as the other parameters go I'm not sure. He does it at no cost I know that.
  6. 5900 Cameron St. Make sure you bring a water sample. He is all about water quality. I am new to the hobby and Todd has helped me out a lot. He is full of information and will help out any way he can.
  7. Cool thread. Glad everyone is ok but these last couple of pics is the reason we have OSHA hahahaha. Stay safe out there guys
  8. Noob question probably but what is that in the bottom right corner?
  9. Went by his place today. He has only been open a week or so. It is a pet store but from what he is telling me he plans on having a lot of frags when he gets settled in.
  10. That would be awesome dbraun. I got my heater this morning and my temp is holding around 78. What is a good stater test kit that I can pick up around town? Also I have a thermometer that also reads the salinity but I'm not sure if that good enough do y'all re omen a hydrometer I had to look that up hahahaha.