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  1. My 130 gallon aquarium

    Thanx @kirk_m and @ericd000
  2. My 130 gallon aquarium

    I couldn't be more happier with the progress of the tank 😉
  3. My 130 gallon aquarium

    A few updated pictures 😎
  4. Let's try this again..

    Beautiful the aquascape
  5. My 130 gallon aquarium

    @stoned thank you...i like LARGE aspiration is to have a tank like all the German tanks we drool over lol
  6. My 130 gallon aquarium

    @dbraun15 dry fitted (domino effect) and thanx
  7. My 130 gallon aquarium

    It was so much fun putting this scape together....just having patience for it to grow out is the hard part
  8. My 130 gallon aquarium

    When I started rescaping the left side I was obsessed with doing something different....i had to use Tonga Branch Rock but I had to make it my own creation and not what someone else has already first thing was to find the perfect rocks ...I need a "SHELF PIECE" & " TREE PIECE" ....yep I went looking for a piece that resembled a tree lol...for my idea was to have an "ACRO TREE" see zoa gardens, euphyllia gardens but never an Acro after searching for awhile on fb I found it ...a lady in like 5 states over had it....perfect piece for my Acro Tree....second piece was a shelf piece ...easy search ....BRS had shelf pieces i ordered a LARGE 20in piece (I knew I would have to chop it down but I'd rather have a piece too large than one too small, the piece I got was 17in × 23in I was happy) ..the shelf piece was for a 14in colony I want to grow...yes you heard me right 14 in colony here's the pieces in the planning of the rescape ...and pictures of how they fit in once I put them together ....all pieces are from Battlecorals except for 1 ...the ones on the Acro Tree are PC RAINBOW, PINK LEMONADE, BUBBLE BATH UNICORN, & an UN-NAMED MILLI from Aqua Hut...the lil frag I plan to grow out into a 14in colony is the AQUATIC MAN from Battlecorals
  9. My 130 gallon aquarium

    @TheGrimmReefer I'm still trying to get satisfied with a PERMANENT scape lol...thanx my friend
  10. My 130 gallon aquarium

    @kirk_m thanx man
  11. My 130 gallon aquarium

    @mknightryder some from a friend... most from BRS Bulk Reef Supply
  12. My 130 gallon aquarium

    And the largest and oldest SPS coral in my system....grown from a 1in frag 2 years ago ...the Battlecorals Secale
  13. My 130 gallon aquarium

    LiL guy in grow out....Old School..."PINK LEMONADE"
  14. My 130 gallon aquarium

    Still one of my favorites....the "BLUE MATRIX"
  15. My 130 gallon aquarium

    My War Coral (Favia) true story about this coral is i drove with it in my car from California to Baton Rouge, Louisiana (33hrs straight) and it has been in my care for 6 years now...fragged numerous times...and still beautiful