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  1. Roughly how big is the rock? I might be interested if I have room
  2. Looks nice...are you located in Madisonville or somewhere else?
  3. Jackpot

    Free gsp

    I’m in Baton Rouge but I am going to try and make it to the north shore next weekend if you still have some by then I will hit you up
  4. I really wish I could make it but I have a memorial gold tournament that day as well or I would totally be there.
  5. Im not sure it might be diatoms. The sand is about 2 years old so Im not sure if you consider that new or not Bob. Yes kirk I have been doing that every time I do a water change and it helps it from not speading all over the sand. It is pretty much just in that one spot.
  6. Okay so I'm pretty sure this is cyano and I have done everything I can think of to solve the problem. This has been going on for the past couple months now and it is driving me crazy. I started off by light starving it for a few days with 50% water change. I then tried dosing it with a cyano killer following instructions on the bottle. Since trying all of those things and continuing 30% water changes every week along with replacing my filter pads the cyano/algae whatever it is keeps coming back in my sand everyday. Whenever the lights turn off it disappears after a few hours and then by lunch time the next day it is back. I have used a par light to dial my LED lights in to 80-100 PAR at the sand and also have cut back on feeding. If anyone has any other ideas for me that would be amazing because I can't stand the pink sand.
  7. Tanks like this beautiful one right here is why I decided to get involved in the hobby. This is a wonderful thread and I hope one day to plan out a setup like yours! Well done sir!
  8. Beautiful set up. I may be in mandeville sometime this week and will PM you if so
  9. I'm really sorry to hear to hear this man because you really do have a beautiful tank. That being said if you are still looking to get rid of it I am very interested in the frog spawn and as well as maybe some of your zoas. If so let me know what day would work best for you and I would love to take a trip over there
  10. Hello I am new here! I am moving and had to break down my 40g tank. I have to different lights for this tank. One is a 36"-46" Fluval Sea LED that I got from petsmart and used for about 6 months. The other is a Chinese smart LED that I purchased off ebay and used for about 10 months. I really don't know how much these are desired, but I would say they are great beginner lights. The Chinese LED works with your smart phone to adjust the light levels for your needs. Fluval Sea LED - $100 Chinese Smart LED - $150