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  1. Some kind of crab

    Whatever it is, it is not alone.
  2. Some kind of crab

    Could it be a gorilla crab?
  3. Some kind of crab

    This was the only other one I could get, but not much better.
  4. Some kind of crab

    Sorry about the pics. Best I could do. He would not come completely out in the open and I do not have a good filter. Is there a common name for that crab? Is he good or bad?
  5. Can anyone tell what kind of crab this is? It hitchhiked on my Pink Pocillopora. I have two not so good pictures. Any guesses?
  6. Merten's carpet anemone

    That is a beauty!
  7. NumberFish's 90 Gal

    Thanks! I look at it as a long term project. Slow measured steps.
  8. NumberFish's 90 Gal

    okay I was able to filter out some of the blue via SW.
  9. NumberFish's 90 Gal

    Sorry about the blue pictures. Not sure how to filter out the blue with a phone.
  10. NumberFish's 90 Gal

    OK so my birthday is coming up so my wife gave as a gift, some rock and a few corals to add to my tank. It is still sparse compared to many but I go as I can afford it. Here is a before and after. Before After Also got rid of the blue hippo and sailfin tang. They made it hard to keep the water and tank clean. Will add more small fish. I decided I wanted corals more than I want fish, until I can get a larger tank.
  11. Hey Everyone

    Welcome to BRK. I'm new too and these guys give great advise!
  12. NumberFish's 90 Gal

    Is it possible to glue LR that I already have in the tank? If so is there a tried and true method?
  13. Sump residents

    are they good or bad?
  14. Feeding frequency

    Decided to reuse sand at the last minute to save a little money. Rinsed it out in SW a few times before refilling tank. What about feeding schedules. I have been feeding heavy as a means of de-stressing the fish from the move. My tangs are hogs though! They eat and poo like crazy. Remind me of plecostimus in a FW setup. Just make a lot of dirty water. Considering Selling one or both after giving things a little time. How often do you guys feed?
  15. New Lafayette Member

    I hope it is not on June 3rd or 4th, my son is getting married that weekend. I will be looking forward to this.