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  1. Twinn's 250/300g DD build

    Beautiful tank . I very enjoy watching videos of your tank .
  2. Few fishes for sale

    Lock it up please .
  3. Few fishes for sale

    All sold .
  4. Few fishes for sale

    Bump .
  5. Few fishes for sale

    Powder brown tang sold. 2 anthias left Male : $30 Female: $25 Both anthias for $50 .
  6. Few fishes for sale

  7. Few fishes for sale

    The fish i want to buy is in baton rouge .
  8. Few fishes for sale

  9. Few fishes for sale

    Bump . All for fishes qt'd for $130 .
  10. Few fishes for sale

    Im in lafayette .
  11. 75 gallons reef

    I will have to look for a frag of that and im done adding corals .
  12. My reef tank

    I saw your tank in the video and it look amazing. Hope i have opportunity to see it in person .
  13. 75 gallons reef

    I just start adding few tryout and easy sps such as green slimmer , bonsai, some montipora and monti cap. I want an easy Millipora, anyone know any milli sps that is easy to keep .
  14. 75 gallons reef

    Thank you everyone This tank been running alittle over a year .