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  1. I have a bunch of them. But my water is not so clean and clear [emoji28] .
  2. If anyone has one that nolonger need it , i will take it. .
  3. Pm'd .
  4. I will let you know tomorrow if i can pick it up on sumday .
  5. Wheres you located ? .
  6. Sorry i put him back in display tank and they all get along now . Please close .
  7. What kind of algea is this. It looks red purple . It start to appear on my live rocks and have some bubble sotting on top of it. I did a water change, reduce feeding and running GFO . I came back after 3 days and it is everywhere. Please help .
  8. I got a 4" qt'd powder brown tang fat healthy for sale. I recently bought a blue tang from coral fever and the brown tang is not allow the new guy to be around. I like the blue tang so it time for the big guy to go . Asking for 65$ .
  9. .
  10. @Grey Ghost : pm sent .
  11. I have a 55 gallon with no stand for 50 .
  12. Thank you [emoji4] . I dipped the coral and increased flow in the tank .
  13. .
  14. In good condition . It always set at minimum speed. When i remove the control from the wall , the tape just torn off the manufacture date . Asking for $170 .
  15. It look like cyano or dino that stay on top of the zoas plolyp when it closed. I physically remove it then it come back after few days. Im getting media reactor to run GFO . Is there any way i can treat this . I think its the main reason why all my frogspawn are die .