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  1. Few fishes for sale

    Bump .
  2. Few fishes for sale

    Powder brown tang sold. 2 anthias left Male : $30 Female: $25 Both anthias for $50 .
  3. Few fishes for sale

  4. Few fishes for sale

    The fish i want to buy is in baton rouge .
  5. Few fishes for sale

  6. Few fishes for sale

    Bump . All for fishes qt'd for $130 .
  7. Few fishes for sale

    Im in lafayette .
  8. 75 gallons reef

    I will have to look for a frag of that and im done adding corals .
  9. My reef tank

    I saw your tank in the video and it look amazing. Hope i have opportunity to see it in person .
  10. 75 gallons reef

    I just start adding few tryout and easy sps such as green slimmer , bonsai, some montipora and monti cap. I want an easy Millipora, anyone know any milli sps that is easy to keep .
  11. 75 gallons reef

    Thank you everyone This tank been running alittle over a year .
  12. 75 gallons reef

    Thank you. Im waiting for another month to put my fishes back in .
  13. I have a little 75 gallons mix reef . I was shopping for a smaller one but couldnt find any. So i came to a new fish store that just open for about few months and saw 75 gallons drilled for good deal so purchased and my new hobby start from here Here are few pictures of how it look like .
  14. Few fishes for sale

    I have pair before and one turned to male. After i add actual male in the tank and it turn back to female. I will send you pictures of how they look .
  15. Few fishes for sale

    The other person changed his mind so the anthias are still available. I always come down to new orleans but im taking summer school now and could go anywhere .