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  1. Aznmistborn

    Ecotech Radion XR15s and Light Gear For Sale

    So if I buy a light I need a mounting arm separate right? Just making sure
  2. Aznmistborn

    Kessil A160WE Light w/ gooseneck & controller

    Still $175.00 right?
  3. Aznmistborn

    Hammer and frogspawn frags

    I'd love one of each! Where ya located! Edit: nvm I saw. New Iberia is far for me. Darn
  4. Aznmistborn

    Green Wolf Eel and Juvi Grouper

    Wolf Eel $80 Grouper $40 obo 504-287-5159
  5. It's a custom made tank so the dimensions are a little strange. The glass is thicker than a normal tank so there are no braces on top. Had it for a few years and just upgraded. Included are the tank, stand, sump, canopy, and 4 black box lights.
  6. Aznmistborn

    300g dd 1,200$

    What's the size of this tank?
  7. Aznmistborn

    Free gsp

    Wow I'd love to get a small matt of it when I get back in town.
  8. Aznmistborn

    Two Small Groupers for sale

    I've got a Juvi Louti grouper and a Juvi Spotted Rock Grouper (Epinephelus ongus) Both are about about 3.5-4" long. $40 each. Harvey.
  9. Aznmistborn

    Green star polyps for sale $20

    How much for it?
  10. Aznmistborn

    Green star polyps for sale $20

    How big is the mat?
  11. Aznmistborn

    Birdsnest colonies for sale.

    Still have the large pink colony?
  12. Aznmistborn

    Fish and Eel for sale

    Still available??
  13. Aznmistborn

    225 gallon tank and equipment for sale.

    how much for just the tank , stand, and canopy?
  14. Aznmistborn

    Looking for a large clownfish?

    How much are you asking for them?
  15. Aznmistborn

    Looking for a large clownfish?