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  1. I pmed ya! I'm in Harvey so it should be easy
  2. When would be a good time to pick it up? I'd love em!
  3. I'd love the ritteri and whichever clowns host it. Looks like the skunks?
  4. So if I buy a light I need a mounting arm separate right? Just making sure
  5. I'd love one of each! Where ya located! Edit: nvm I saw. New Iberia is far for me. Darn
  6. Wolf Eel $80 Grouper $40 obo 504-287-5159
  7. It's a custom made tank so the dimensions are a little strange. The glass is thicker than a normal tank so there are no braces on top. Had it for a few years and just upgraded. Included are the tank, stand, sump, canopy, and 4 black box lights.
  8. What's the size of this tank?
  9. Aznmistborn

    Free gsp

    Wow I'd love to get a small matt of it when I get back in town.
  10. I've got a Juvi Louti grouper and a Juvi Spotted Rock Grouper (Epinephelus ongus) Both are about about 3.5-4" long. $40 each. Harvey.
  11. Still have the large pink colony?