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  1. Free gsp

    Wow I'd love to get a small matt of it when I get back in town.
  2. Two Small Groupers for sale

    I've got a Juvi Louti grouper and a Juvi Spotted Rock Grouper (Epinephelus ongus) Both are about about 3.5-4" long. $40 each. Harvey.
  3. Green star polyps for sale $20

    How much for it?
  4. Green star polyps for sale $20

    How big is the mat?
  5. Birdsnest colonies for sale.

    Still have the large pink colony?
  6. Fish and Eel for sale

    Still available??
  7. 225 gallon tank and equipment for sale.

    how much for just the tank , stand, and canopy?
  8. Looking for a large clownfish?

    How much are you asking for them?
  9. Looking for a large clownfish?

  10. Looking for a large clownfish?

    Woah those are some pretty clowns!
  11. Bravoux 90g for sale

    Yo that gyre still available??
  12. Looking for a large clownfish?

    Anybody have a fat maroon or clarkii clownfish they want to get rid of or know where I can get one?
  13. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    Dude other than that spot of cyano, I don't see anything wrong man.
  14. WTB Peacock mantis

    lafayette is a bit far lol
  15. WTB Peacock mantis

    yeah I know it will. Imma try to catch it, but I may have to just lose it. The purple loves his pipe so that's easy.