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  1. I met Dukeofsavoy today to exchange some zoas and I can say that he's a great guy. He was easy going, on time, and a real friendly character. I would be pumped if even half of everyone was as easy to do business with as this guy. Trade in confidence my friends!
  2. Zoas for sale

    Bump. More pictures added! PM me for a list of additional zoas available as well. Discounts for zoa packs can be worked out as well.
  3. Filter socks

    You're spot on with that Bob Loblaw. Filter socks catch gook I didn't know existed but that might not always be what you want. For my sps heavy mixed tank, for example, I hover just above ULNS parameters with about 2 nitrate and .04 phosphate. I think that switching to the mesh from felt allowed me to keep those slightly elevated nutrients levels. So I guess it just depends what you're going for. Downside to this is that I do, in fact, have to clean my sump much more often haha. but I also have a more consistent sump water level bc I don't get the clogging like I did with felt. On that note, I have four 200 micron felt socks up for trade for a frag heh heh TLDR: Theres more than one way to skin a cat
  4. Filter socks

    I made the switch to mesh myself a couple of months ago and my felt socks have been crammed in the corner of my closet ever since It takes so much less effort to clean and I've found that mesh also doesn't clog, which can cause sump water lvl fluctuations or even water overflow.
  5. WTB SPS pack

  6. Zoas for sale

    Better late than never haha
  7. Free ORA frags

  8. ID Help

    Glad to hear it. I had an aiptasia pop up and i did the same thing. It has yet to show back up, but i feel like theres an army building deep im the rock work 👿
  9. Zoas for sale

    Ill get you some right after work man
  10. Zoas for sale

    Also, I'm willing to work out a deal with anyone that is interested in buying a zoa pack. I have additional zoas that i didn't list for now that could be added to these packs. PM me if interested!
  11. Zoas for sale

    Hey guys, so I have some zoas that I am ready to frag. I'm located in New Orleans but can ship with USPS or FedEx if needed. PM me if you have questions or need pictures, I had trouble loading them. Thanks! - Cornbred Bowser paly $50pp - WWC Stiggy Marleys $30pp - Pink Hallucination $30 for 2 polyps - Blondies $25 for 2 polyps - KO Knockout palys $25 for 3 polyps (1st picture) - Joker palys $20 for 3 polyps - Sunny D's $20 for 3 polyps - King Midas $20 for 4 polyps - Cateyes $20 for 5 polyps (2nd picture)
  12. ID Help

    Hows it looking so far?
  13. Black Longspine Urchin FREE

    I rescued one from a LFS where he showed up as a hitchhiker and they were going to toss him. I have placed him in my fuge and he has been an algae eating machine. I also have read that they're great to have to spot treat sudden dt algae breakouts. I can finally see into the fuge due to less algae and hes also super cool to observe, so I'd say it's a cool tank addition worth having. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. 2/4/17 Aquatic Sealife Meet & Greet, Frag Swap!

    Do we need to rsvp or we just show up? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. 2/4/17 Aquatic Sealife Meet & Greet, Frag Swap!

    I hope your surgery goes well! The meet should be fun, I'll see you guys then and I look forward to meeting y'all Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk