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  1. DukeOfSavoy

    42 gallon rimless setup

    If tank, stand, sump sale falls through let me know, I'd be interested in those.
  2. DukeOfSavoy

    Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Still available? Are any of the seams leaking, or you just think it's time to reseal it?
  3. DukeOfSavoy

    Nlfs delete

    If your able to get the livestock sold, I'd be interested in the hardware.
  4. DukeOfSavoy

    WTB tank & stand 100g or bigger

    No longer in the market for this type of tank, thanks to JT. Moderators, you can lock this thread. Thanks to the others that posted.
  5. DukeOfSavoy

    WTB tank & stand 100g or bigger

    Looking for a bigger tank to upgrade to, like title says 100g or bigger but ideally in the 120g-250g range. Needs to be drilled, reef ready or capable of being drilled(i.e. non tempered glass). Only really interested in quality stuff, no plywood stands. I'm mainly interested in a tank & stand, if a sump or skimmer is included that would be okay but I already have lights and other accoutrements. If anyone is thinking about getting out of the hobby or has an extra tank let me know. I can pick up anywhere within 300ish miles from Baton Rouge.
  6. Just completed my first trade since joining here, and my first after a 10yr hiatus. Zack (TheZachariah) is a great person to deal with, easy as well. I'm very happy with the quality and pricing of his frags. I will definitely be buying more from him in the future.
  7. DukeOfSavoy

    V2O New Soft frozen Foods

    PE (Piscine Energetics) has always been my favorite brand, but it isn't cheap. The soft frozen stuff from V2O doesn't need to be thawed prior to feeding, according to their info so you wouldn't need to thaw out more than you need as my wasp only eats like 5 or 6 shrimp in one feeding. I also saw some freeze-dried Mysis for sale, probably not as nutritious as the frozen, I am thinking I want to give those a try but my only concern is how well the sink being dried out. The Waspfish don't have swim bladders so he can't easily swim up to the top to catch the food. Couldn't resist showing him off, he's my favorite fish I've ever had/seen in a tank. I'm still trying to come up with a cool name for him, maybe something like Foghorn Leghorn cause he's a rooster too lol.
  8. Has anyone tried some of the new "soft frozen" foods by V2O? V2O Mini Mysis They have several different foods that are available in that form, but I'm most interested in their Mysis. My Waspfish has been eating live mysis since I got him 2 weeks ago, but he will take some frozen Mysis but they have to be intact(mostly). The new process is supposed to be easier to feed but I was curious is anybody had tried these foods? If anybody knows a LFS that carries these, let me know cause ordering frozen food online can be exspensive unless you buy a lot.