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  1. I love tabling acros. If have frags pm or comment below. Also if you have any high end acro frags feel free to comment /pm
  2. Hey all, I have a clown harem tank, but I currently do not have the anemones for it. I'm looking to add bubble tip anemones, Green red, pink, rainbow, ect. If you have one, Pm me or comment below located in Baton Rouge.
  3. Tank is is maurepas, but i frequently drive to baton rouge. Pm me I do not mind meeting people
  4. near baton rouge have stunner chalice, grows insanely fast
  5. Hey Everyone! I have a Hollywood Stunner chalice that has grown to about 9x12 inches. If someone wants a large colony comment selling for cheap. If anyone wants frags, Ill make 4x3 inch chunk frags 10$ need to trim. Picture in post.
  6. I removed the multicolored one, after inspection the two black dots on the top were algae and the larger spot was some sort of hole with a black thing growing inside. glad it's out of the tank. Hopefully, the green one pulls thought
  7. Fish include a Blue tank, sailfin tang, 3 yellow tangs, 4 anthias, 4 cardinals, a leopard and a fairy wrasse.
  8. Im seriously debating taking the multicolored coral out and just checking the other brain for any other spots
  9. Just had my phosphates tested by my LFS they are at 0.03 ppm Also had my rodi water tested and it is at 0 tds. Below are images of them. I am concerned about the Black spots on the multi-colored one.
  10. Hey guys, I posted a topic about a month ago, took some suggestions then almost everything was fixed. My current issue is my brain corals are still not inflating and look pretty poor. My water Chem is: Tank 250 gallons 90 gallon sump/refugium been up for 2 years, was in a 90 gallon for 1 year previously before upgrading to 230 gal Ammonia:0ppm Nitrites:0 ppm Nitrates:0 ppm Ph: goes from 8.1-8.22 daily via apex Calcium: 425 ppm Alk: 9dkh Mag: 1155 ppm Phosphates: 0-.25ppm My brain corals are not opening while everyone else in the tank has 0 issue opening and my plate corals that had recently bleached, from a light malfunction, are growing back rapidly along with zoas and leathers. So everyone else in the tank looks amazing, but the brain corals. They were purchased at frag nappe and the guy kinda manhandled them. They didn't appear to be damaged, but they are not opening still so I'm wondering if there is anything I can do. I am positive of all the results for the test with the exception of phosphates. I have a phosban reactor going so they should be 0, I also stretched out my algae in my refugium so it can grow faster and increased its lighting cycle. This being said I have read forums on feeding the brain corals to increase their well-being, but I'm curious if the phosphates, if I am wrong, and they are .25 ppm would cause them to not expand and stay shriveled up. Thoughts are appreciated/questions.
  11. I will also work on dosing magnesium as well.
  12. The system is about 2 years old, from when I upgraded from a 90 gallon. Thanks for the feed back. calcium has been low in the past, but alk was more like 13 dkh and hard corals were happy, but not annymore.
  13. Hey guys, so as the clickbait title says I need help with my large aquarium, I seem to have dipped out of the normal ranges for my corals to grow. My soft corals +hammars, leathers are all growing to large sizes, but my hard corals(Monti, and brains) all seem to be suffering. I have verified that it isn't a flow issue, and that my nitrates are 0. Phospates are also 0. Here is my issue. PH: 8.2-8.1 daily swings via apex Calcium: 400ppm Alkalinity: 7 DKH Nitrates:0 Mag: 1140 ppm Phospates:0 My skimming is overrated, and I have no issues with my soft corals growing. My plates and brains are not happy however. In the past, my alk was super high and this made the brains and montis happy. My thoughts were to add a good amount of both calcium and alk at different times of the day to raise both a bit. I dose daily with a big kalk reactor and can't dose more unless I prefer the PH to be higher. I have made some 2 part with power solution and plan to have this dose now. Anything else I can do or how fast would everyone add alk and calcium?
  14. would be willling to trade pm me I have both fresh and saltwater stuff