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  1. I was hoping I could find another reefer local who could loan me the bender. But I might just have to buy one. I was planning on painting it with krylon fusion or plasti dip.
  2. I am making a light hanger out of 1/2" or 3/4" EMT conduit. Can anyone in the Lafayette area help bend the conduit for me?
  3. I have this skimmer that I no longer use. Send me a PM if your interested in the part and we can work something out.
  4. FS 50 gallon setup

    What are the dimensions? 24X24X20? Is the tank drilled?
  5. FS/T Live Rock - SOLD

    I have 5 large pieces. and a couple medium pieces.
  6. FS/T Live Rock - SOLD

    1$ per lb. Get it while it's still wet
  7. FS/T Live Rock - SOLD

    I will be breaking down my 90 Gallon saturday. I will have probably around 30lbs left over. 2$ per lb. or will trade for frags. I am located in Youngsville.
  8. FS: Tangs - SOLD

    Not very often. Both are pending.
  9. FS: Tangs - SOLD

    I am downsizing on saturday and need to get ride of my tangs. Hippo Tang 20$ Two Spot Bristletooth Tang 20$ The fish will be available for pick up on Saturday. I am located in Youngsville.
  10. Anyone ever been to the Angola Rodeo?

    I went last weekend with the family. Spent way to much at the crafts. I will see about posting some pics of what we bought later.