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  1. I have a bulk bag of ChemiPure Blue (their best one) that I will sell to someone for cheap. Just broke down my tank and I don’t need it anymore. Came with 6 and I only used one...still new. Bought for $50 will sell to someone for $25. Text me at 864-nine.one.five-4242.
  2. Tank and Stand sold! Still have the Innovative Marine Mighty Jet return pump. This is a great controllable pump that retails for $100. Will sell for $50. Practically brand new!
  3. AI Prime and gooseneck mount sold! Make me an offer on the tank! I need it gone!
  4. AI Prime and gooseneck mount available again.
  5. ATO sold! AI Prime spoken for! I’ll give a referral payment to anyone that connects me to someone that buys my tank!
  6. Hey Reefers! Thanks to all who bought my corals/fish/liverock! Ya'll were awesome scooping it all up. Those of you can testify to the quality of my stuff and how clean I kept my tank. In preparations for my move in the future I have decided I need to sell my tank too. I will also sell some of the equipment too. Tank was up for only about 4 months and everything was bought brand new. The tank and equipment is still in mint condition! Here is what I'm selling: - 32 gallon LED BioCube with matching stand, InTank media basket, InTank refugium basket, the stock return pump, and the upgraded return pump I bought that is an Innovative Marine MightyJet DC Return Pump 538gph. Selling the bundle for $450 (All of this retails for over $700). - AutoAqua Smart ATO Micro and my fresh water reservoir for $100 (both combined retail for $150 plus together) - My AI Prime HD led light with the gooseneck mount for $175 (I paid about $230 for them both). - Innovative Marine Chaetomax LED refugium light for $50 (retails for $70). Everything will be cleaned and ready for use when it is purchased! Thanks ya'll! Text me at 864-915-4242 with any questions!
  7. All livestock and fish sold or accounted for! Thanks everyone! Listing the tank and the equipment I’m selling later this week in another tread in the equipment section. This thread is done!
  8. Bump. I’ll cut great deals to people that help me get the rest of the corals out of my tank! Once what is left of the corals is gone, the fish that aren’t spoken for are the two clowns and the rainford’s goby.
  9. 16 corals left in the tank! All discounted to $20 each! Smaller Zoas are $10! Bright colored Zoas and SPS left for cheap! $175 buys everything I have left as a bulk discount to finish it off! Hit me up
  10. Here is an updated list on the corals I have left...people have been great helping me out and buying them! Also, once the corals are gone I have some fish for sale and my nice Bulk Reef Supply Reefsaver rock (Live now and full of pods!)!!! Text/Call Trey at 864-915-4242 or PM me. Corals: - Multiple different kinds of Zoas: $25 each (smaller ones $15) - - Neon Green Birdsnest/Stylophora: $15 - Larger Neon Green with Purple Polyps Birdsnest: $25 - Neon Green Acropora: $25 - Larger Purple SPS: $25 - Neon Green Anacropora: $20 - Unknown Neon Green SPS: $20 - Medium sized Blue with Blue Polyp Acropora (I think): $30 Fish: - Black Ice Clownfish: $35 - Oscelarius Clownfish: $20 ***Both Clowns together for $40 - Rainford’s Goby: $20 - Six Line Wrasse: $15 - Royal Gramma: $15 Coral must all go before the fish, so the coral doesn’t get damaged catching the fish lol. Could probably get the clowns out now though. Whoever buys my rock gets my cleanup crew for free: an Emerald Crab, Approx 4 Nassarius Snails, 2-3 Trochus snails, a few other snails, and about 10 or so hermit crabs. I have about 30-40 lbs of rock. Corals and Fish must all go before the rock gets sold. Will list the BioCube 32 LED and stand for sale after everything is gone. Also will list the AI Prime HD with gooseneck mount (been and awesome light for me!).
  11. Toadstool leather, red and green plating montipora, and both richordea mushrooms all gone!
  12. To be clear...Single head frogspawn and octospawn are still available!
  13. I’m not in a huge rush but I’ll offer a huge discount for someone that buys everything to just make it easy for me 🙂
  14. Green Star Polyp and Pulsing Xenia sold. Hit me up to come see them and make me an offer!
  15. Hey Reefers! I have a tank full of coral that is both beautiful and healthy. However, we will be moving in the near future and I wanted to get a head start on selling my coral. I will be selling the fish as well, but I want to sell the coral first since it will probably require me to move the rock to catch the fish lol. Get your coral here cheaper than a store! Prices are negotiable when you buy multiples! I can send more detailed pics on request. Corals: - Multiple different kinds of Zoas: $25 each (smaller ones $15) - Duncan (3 heads): $25 - Large Purple Gorgonian (Photosynthetic) on a rock: $25 - Large neon green toadstool leather: $40 - Large Pulsing Xenia on rock: $30 - Medium Green Star Polyp on rock: $25 - Neon Red Ricordea Mushroom on rock: $20 - Neon Green Ricordea Mushroom on rock: $20 - Red Montipora: $25 - Bigger Neon Green Montipora: $25 - Smaller Neon Green Montipora: $15 - Neon Green Birdsnest/Stylophora (all three pieces): $20 - Larger Neon Green with Purple Polyps Birdsnest: $25 - Octospawn LPS (what I've heard it called): $20 - Dark frogspawn with neon green tips: $20 - Large Frogspawn Neon Green with Purple Tips (approx 5-6 heads): $60 - Neon Green Acropora: $25 - Neon Green with Red Polyps Branching Digitata Montipora: $25 - Neon Green with Purple Polyps Pocillopora: $20 - Larger Purple SPS: $25 - Neon Green Anacropora: $20 - 3 pieces of unknown SPS: $15 - Purple with Neon Orange Polyps Cyphastrea: $25 - Medium sized Green, Purple, and Neon Orange Micromussa: $30 - Unknown Neon Green SPS: $20 - Medium sized Blue with Blue Polyp Acropora (I think): $30 These pieces are beautiful and my tank shows ZERO signs of any pests (I take extra care in the set up of my tanks and I dip every coral no matter where I get it.) Pics don't do them justice! Like I said I will cut deals to those that buy multiples. And even better for me and for you I will cut a massive deal if you take all the corals! If you buy everything I will include all of my live rock for free (it is all Reefsaver Rock from Bulk Reef Supply)! Thanks for looking! Reach out to me with any questions or to schedule to come see them. Text or call Trey at 864-nine.one.five-4242. If you call and I don't answer, shoot me a text and I'll reach back out. The lights on my tank go off at 9pm for the night (start ramping down at 8pm).
  16. I have an Aqamai KPS Wavemaker for sale. Pretty much brand new. Used less than two months. Great for anything under 50 gallons and also for directional/supplemental flow in tanks. Controllable through their app and is dead silent at max flow. Great little pump. Retails new for $119. Asking $75. In Lafayette area. https://www.marinedepot.com/aqamai-kps-wifi-controllable-wavemaker-pump
  17. Where are you located? Any left?
  18. I want some! Any available still?
  19. Thanks @Pitts337! I’ll definitely hit you up on that. I’ll PM you.
  20. Looking for Softies and LPS mainly right now, but also will look at SPS too
  21. I have setup and cycled my Biocube 32 and am ready in the next couple weeks to add coral. In Lafayette and interested to see if anyone in the area has frags/colonies for sale. Thanks!