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  1. Looking for a 7x2 stand

    As title states doesn't have to be pretty just functional
  2. Looking for 2 400w halides

    Sent pm jwalker
  3. Looking for 2 400w halides

    As title states pm me please
  4. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    Fantastic! Thats what I like to hear!
  5. As title states thanks
  6. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    Toadstool 10
  7. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    3 head duncan. 15 2 head hammer 20 2 toadstool about quarter sized head In picayune thanks
  8. LF Chaeto

    I have some for free but I'm in picayune
  9. Free chaeto in Picayune

    Today is Harvest day I got a big bunch that needs to go
  10. looking for 6 foot light

    I seem to be in the market for a six foot t5 fixture since mine haz zapped the crap out of me twice today
  11. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Sent pm
  12. WTS: 90 Gallon aquarium w/ goodies (Houma, LA)

    sent pm
  13. I will give away to anyone new in the hobby just some basic starter coral. You will have to put an effort out to kill these lol
  14. FS large bubble coral

    How big is it?