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  1. 50 pounds of asst. live rock

    50# for sale 150.00 or trade for coral or other cool stuff pm me if interested thanks
  2. ISO:20-30g aio setup

    I have a bio cube if interested pm me thanks
  3. making some room

    Most zoa frags are 10-20, softy are 10, torch is 40, wall hammer is 50, I have a 35 plus head of hammer not pictured yet 125 rbta 15 octospawn 30....I like trades! Pm me for more pics or info
  4. CAD Lights PLS 100 Skimmer

    Ooooohhh I almost had it I gotta be quicker than that!
  5. CAD Lights PLS 100 Skimmer

    Sent you a pm
  6. looking for coral on the Gulf Coast

    I have a bunch of frags in picayune 601 215 6212 thanks
  7. there's a guy on the Bayou Reef keeping Facebook page looking for livestock in Baton Rouge tomorrow you may want to check that out
  8. I so a 75 stand and a 120 or 90 stand and possibly a canopy. Doesn't have to be pretty just functional thanks
  9. looking for 2- 250w halide ballasts

    Sent pm
  10. Salt has kicked my #%@! I'm going fresh☹️

    Interested in mp40's sent pm
  11. Oceanic 90g RR *FREE*

    I'll take it pm you
  12. Selling off Zoas

    I'll take em. PM you
  13. I give up

    That's how it goes in this hobby I'm sure many of us have stories of big fat expensive corals just dying for no apparent reason or heck even whole tanks....persistence and research brother. You can do it!
  14. 32g Mobile Mix Station For Sale

    That looks handy and built well!
  15. Paly colony - mandeville

    I want it please sent pm