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  1. Looking for some shrooms

    I have several colors in picayune
  2. Looking for a 7x2 stand

    As title states doesn't have to be pretty just functional
  3. Looking for 2 400w halides

    Sent pm jwalker
  4. Looking for 2 400w halides

    As title states pm me please
  5. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    Fantastic! Thats what I like to hear!
  6. As title states thanks
  7. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    Toadstool 10
  8. Duncan, hammer, toadstool

    3 head duncan. 15 2 head hammer 20 2 toadstool about quarter sized head In picayune thanks
  9. LF Chaeto

    I have some for free but I'm in picayune
  10. Free chaeto in Picayune

    Today is Harvest day I got a big bunch that needs to go
  11. looking for 6 foot light

    I seem to be in the market for a six foot t5 fixture since mine haz zapped the crap out of me twice today
  12. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Sent pm
  13. WTS: 90 Gallon aquarium w/ goodies (Houma, LA)

    sent pm
  14. I will give away to anyone new in the hobby just some basic starter coral. You will have to put an effort out to kill these lol