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  1. I'll take the master Yoda please.
  2. lars

    Free birdsnest

    Ok. We probably have enough people to plan something. I think we'll wait until after Christmas though. I'll let everyone know here when we'll do the cutting.
  3. lars

    Free birdsnest

    That's one. Who else?
  4. lars

    Free birdsnest

    I think I'm gonna remove all the birdsnest from my system. This is the second time it's grown over 16" or so. It won't come out as a whole but it will come out in big chunks. My plan is to get enough interest first, then pick a day that works for all involved Then have everyone over to collect there pieces/chunks as I remove it. What's not taken that day will likely be thrown out so I will not be holding any for future pickups.
  5. lars

    Montis for sale

    You're very welcome.
  6. lars

    Montis for sale

    I'm in Slidell.
  7. lars

    Montis for sale

    Sorry, the big Monti is sold but I do have plenty more and can cut you a large piece. I have plenty of bubble gum Digi left also.
  8. lars

    Iso tabling acros

    I have acros and montis for sale. I'll pm you a list.
  9. Small frag $15 Large $30 Last pic is the mother colony
  10. lars

    Montis for sale

    Large 6"x6" spongoda $50 Bubble gum Digi $20 lg $30 Purple base/ green polyp $20 Setosa $15 Mystic sunset $20 Sunset Monti $20 Green with metallic green polyp $20 Rising Phoenix $30 Free purple cap with any purchase
  11. lars

    Acros for sale

    Wwc Christmas mirabilis- sold Poto tropic thunder- 5 available $80 large $60 small Wwc yellow tip $25 Jason fox cooler champagne $30 Highlighter acro $35 large $25 small Rainbows in Spain $20 Mixed blue and green stags $15-$20
  12. lars

    Grande palys.

    Still available