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  1. Palmers blue milli for sale

    Me please.
  2. Nice clown tang. I too was against Facebook but now that I'm a part of like twenty reef groups and fishing and hunting groups its not so bad. Just more of the stuff I already like.
  3. looking for softies

    I have a few of those things. I have Jason Fox neon green toadstool, white pipe organ, pink lightning cloves and multiple zoas.
  4. Fragniappe 2018

    Nothing is off with fragniappe or the site. We've just been busy after putting on the big show and some vendors are still recovering. Don't worry. Everything is all good.
  5. POTM November 2017 Winner

    Whoot whoot! Thanks man.
  6. We still don't have a winner from last month. Phatboy is slacking.
  7. Wwc Bounce mushroom

    Wanna go in half and split it if he still has it?
  8. Wwc Bounce mushroom

    He hasn't answered me in a week. He might not come in much.
  9. Wwc Bounce mushroom

    Willing to ship?
  10. POTM November 2017 Poll

    Pretty cool. I'm a big fan of gorgonians but I don't have the right system for them. I wish you well with yours.
  11. POTM November 2017 Poll

    That's because it's a gorgonian and not a sps. They're not sold much because that have a very limited survival rate. Unfortunately it will probably slowly starve to death because to feed them usually pollutes the tank. Hopefully this one continues to grow. Would love to see a pic six months from now.
  12. Do you know your Zoas Giveaway!!!

    Sent in my request to join.
  13. Pink milli frags

    Great guy with top notch system. Thanks again for my goodies. Polyps were out soon after hitting the tank.
  14. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Stand looks good. I always seem to run out of daylight and then I run out of tank light time when I'm working on something.
  15. Fraghouse corals

    The first one on the left is a pro corals rainbow, the one behind it is the radiant horizon and the middle tall one is the wwc yellow tip. I lost all three colonies of these three a few months ago when I had my issues. Definitely chunky frags. For half price at that.