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  1. Nathan

    Candy cane colonies

    Lower price!
  2. Nathan

    Dragon soul Favia

    Lower price!
  3. Nathan

    Buy one, get one free sale!

    If you buy one of these colonies of echinipora lamellosa (I have 4 available), I will throw in a free colony of orange zoas or acan Lord frag or mushrooms and Kenya tree with green star polyps. Located in Walker.
  4. Orange fungia, rock of GSP, and teal stylophora are sold. Everything else is still available and need to get sold ASAP.
  5. Nathan


    Orange fungia plate coral is sold.
  6. $50 for which one?
  7. I need this tank broken down so I can move it out. I have most of the corals listed for sale with pictures in the posts below this one, make an offer, I need to get them sold.
  8. Nathan

    Plate corals

    Echinipora Lamellosa colonies (I have 4 large ones) $50-$30 depending on size. Very easy to take care of. Located in Walker.
  9. I have a royal Dottyback ($15) that comes with a new container of fish food and a coral banded shrimp ($10). Take both for $20. Located in Walker
  10. Nathan

    Sold. WWC teal stylophora

    5 inch colony. $125. Located in Walker
  11. I have a flat chunk of live rock 12"x8" that is coated in GSP, with 2 different types of green mushrooms and some polyps and 3 very small feather dusters on the bottom side. $40. Located in Walker
  12. Nathan

    Candy cane colonies

    I have one colony with 80 heads ($100) and another with 30 heads ($35). Located in Walker.
  13. $25. Located in Walker
  14. Nathan

    orange zoas

    Small colony of orange zoas, with Kenya tree and green mushrooms attached to rock. $20. Located in Walker.