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  1. ZackTheReefer

    40g Breeder (center overflow )

    Still available? Pmed Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  2. ZackTheReefer

    13.5 gallon fluval, water mixing station, and vertex skimmer

    Tank still available? Sent from my Z982 using Tapatalk
  3. ZackTheReefer

    FS 65g rr tank stand sump

    Bump Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. ZackTheReefer

    FS 65g rr tank stand sump

    Bump. 150. Need gone asap Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  5. ZackTheReefer

    FS 65g rr tank stand sump

    In Lafayette Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  6. ZackTheReefer

    FS 65g rr tank stand sump

    Moving and not taking this one with me. I bought the tank less than a year ago. No scratches. Same length and width as a 40b just taller. I'm selling this with a 40b metal stand and the sump. 200 obo. Need gone asap. Open to trades. Lf a power head or two for a 40b Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  7. ZackTheReefer

    13.5 gallon Evo

    Still available? Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  8. ZackTheReefer

    Need advice

    i really like 40 breeders. they have a good depth and nice and wide. and cheap if you get them on sale. jaytizzle has one for sale already drilled from the bottom. that would be a good start!
  9. ZackTheReefer

    lf chaeto in lafayette

    NICE. thanks you guys! @rickyb1982i still have a barrel for you if you want it. maybe we can kill two birds with one stone soon?
  10. ZackTheReefer

    lf chaeto in lafayette

    anyone pruning chaeto in lafayette? need some more for the fuge
  11. ZackTheReefer

    Zacks 125

    haha it seemed like a long time for me!! well now that i think about it, the tank came in like 3 days. so that is pretty quick thanks for everything @comet! ive heard of them. i know alot of people use them. but for the same price i can probably find a used gen3. but what do you guys think? as good as, equal, better than radions?
  12. ZackTheReefer

    Zacks 125

    big update! due to certain circumstances, i have decided to retire the 125 and downsize a bit. water spilling in an apartment and space circumstances.. (dont ever hook your rodi unit to the washer connection using a cheap plastic t split. if i wasnt home at the time, it would have been a bigger disaster.) also it was a very old tank, and the glass was water etched and scratched. clarity of the glass was a big determining factor. i will be moving again in the near future so this will also make that move a tad bit easier. i was given the option to take down the ro unit and start purchasing water again. in return, get a new smaller tank. so i started looking around, and finally found something from a fellow reefer! a nice tank stand canopy combo. but of course it didnt end up being the quick transfer i was hoping for. after cleaning and resealing the tank, i noticed some air pockets in the seams. enough to scare me off from using the tank. and a complete disassemble/reseal was not an option. if i did it my self, i would have always been nervous that i didnt do it right and i simply can not afford a big leak or seam failure like this. i ended up purchasing the same tank brand new. in the end im glad i did, you cant beat fresh clear unscratched glass! and also the piece of mind of a new tank. on to the build. the stand was very nice but needed some tlc. so i sanded it all down and painted it. its amazing what 6 coats of paint can do haha. the canopy came with a retrofit 2xt5, so i slapped a new ballast in it and got it working. right now im using 1 black box led with 2 blue plus atis. it greatly improves the black box visually. no more disco ball! a nice shimmer still a couple things i need to do. i deed to figure out my ato situation, need to purchase a reactor or 2, doors dont shut completely so ill need to fit some magnets, and the overflow is currently surging. sounds like a toilet flushing. trying to figure that one out. i think i just need to turn down my return pump. also debating on adding a second bb led to the canopy. or just upgrading to a radion. all in all im quite happy with the decision and the end product! except for losing almost all my sps frags. ill most likely just be focusing on softies untill the next move, so i dont have to worry too much about losing the sps again
  13. ZackTheReefer

    green chromis

    oh man...... well due to certain circumstances, i just downsized my tank. so i havnt really been focused on the fish. ill post some pics in my tank thread probably tomorrow!
  14. ZackTheReefer

    old 125 tank and stand FS FT OBO

    oceanic 125 wood grain trim. oak stand. i built the hood out of cheap wood, so its kind of flimsy. tank stand canopy and hob overflow only. ***** one of the main reasons i am tearing down this setup is because of the front glass, so buyer be warned! it has a good bit of scratches in places. also if you look close you can see small spots throughout the whole front panel. water etched the glass. but from a distance glass looks clear. would be good for an fw oscar or cichlid tank. this tank is about 20 years old i think. seals are good and resealed the seams when i first set the tank up. $200 obo. possibly trade for equipment. looking for 2 jabao rw4s, return pumps, biopellet reactors, auto top off. need this thing gone asap so dont be afraid to make offers!!
  15. ZackTheReefer

    LF 40 breeder in lafayette

    i couldn't find one within the time frame i had so i just went ahead and purchased something new. thanks though bonzi!