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  1. Pm you now
  2. I have tyree neon green toadstools and gsp in Lake Charles pm me if interest.
  3. Anyone want to sell true oregon tort I am interest in getting one? please let me know how big is the frag and how much.
  4. Are you coming down to lake charles anytime soon? i would buy it if you come down.
  5. Do you have any pictures for the frag?
  6. I am willing to take it off your hand but half of what I am offer you before if you want to sell it pm me.
  7. I am interest all of your livestock of fish and corals if you decided to part out. please pm me.
  8. Can you do it for 80?
  9. What is the lowest you willing to let it go?
  10. With reef tank it better to be big due to stability. also you want to have room for fishes and other goodies. 40 gallons is too small in my opinion.
  11. They have a 120 gallons for sale buy that tank it nice. if i was starting out I would buy it.
  12. The one I visit is mischa pet shop in sulphur LA. I am planning to travel to texas for Oceanlife aquatic for my fish. i heard lot of positive review online.
  13. Kirk, you are right. I have to resort to buy elegance coral online through liveaquaria. 3 weeks ago, I bought elegance coral it got infected and I told them about it. they only offer refund if the coral die, when it die 3 weeks later my guarantee expire losing 143 dollars it suck.
  14. What are u charging for it? do you know anyone in the forum have red or pink rose anemone, big clams, and red gonipora that they are looking to get rid off?
  15. Greg, do you have any different color of ricordea or ricordea yuma you can frag?