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  1. I am looking JF Homerecker frag

    I found one online. they asking for 300 shipped 3/4inch I will buy it and share with local reefer next year. I probably charge 150 a frag next summer 😀 I have most of high end sps such as vivid confetti, asian and canada op, wd, rmf diablo and acid trippe milli, rr usa purple passion, jf flame, oregon tort just to name a few. moderator please lock it up
  2. I am looking JF Homerecker frag

    Thanks, I just check out the website. wow he charge 900 a frag. I can definitely get way cheaper than that online.
  3. I am looking JF Homerecker frag

    I was looking local before I buy online. plus local reefer are cheaper.
  4. I am looking JF Homerecker frag

    I am looking JF Homewrecker frag to buy or trade with my high end sps. please let me know anyone have it thanks.
  5. New member from Lake Chuck

    Yes, I am selling frags. check your pm for my phone number to contact me.
  6. New member from Lake Chuck

    Nice tank. I am from Moss Bluff LA as well and here is my reef tank.
  7. New LC Reef Newbie

    I have some white and brown pulsing xenia pm me if interested.
  8. New LC Reef Newbie

    Nice small tank. I am in moss bluff LA. if you are ready to buy some corals pm me.
  9. Corals for sale in Lake Charles

    Some of my coral collections for sale This is about 1 inch frag give or take cut to order Regular $30.00 High end $50.00 Please pm me if interested. Jf cooler Champagne Sanjay Milko stylo (purple) JF violet orange monti Tyree season greeting Tyree tricolor acro Rr nauti spiral monti Jf autumn harvest psammocora CB flaming phoenix monti (High End) Cb purple planet Bc yellow planet ( High End) Red planet acro Tyree reverse sunset monti Greg C efflos (High End) Pc rainbow bright red color(High End) WWC yellow carolina Vivid sunset millepora Vivid rainbow delight Jf barney ( dark blue acro) Tricolor granulosa Green slimer Vivid ultra pink millepora Forest fire digitata BC Schizo sunset millepora yellow ( high end) Vivid blue acros Setosa
  10. High end sps

  11. High end sps

    I am interested in jf homewrecker, rr pink floyd, pink Lemonade, asd rainbow milli, Hawkin and tyree purple monster for a trade. I can offer rmf acid Trip millie, schizo sunset milli, Rommel watermelon, space ghost, the real deal Leng Sy Cap, Rr Canada Orange Passion and hot pink Yuma ricordea baby.
  12. Looking for a few frags

    Anyone have a frag of sniper bubblegum milli? please pm the price I am looking for a frag in Lake Charles LA.
  13. Apple green bleeding red scoly

    Pm you now
  14. looking for toadstools and gsp

    I have tyree neon green toadstools and gsp in Lake Charles pm me if interest.
  15. LF Oregon tort

    Anyone want to sell true oregon tort I am interest in getting one? please let me know how big is the frag and how much.