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  1. Crap, forgot it was here. It's all been sold. Sorry!
  2. I have for sale a JBJ 30g Rimless tank for sale. Return pumps work fine. No scratches. Includes the under tank pad, but no stand. I can include some 3D printed parts if you want also. Filter pad holder, media basket, and a custom made screen top. I used a Tunze DOC 9004 DC controllable skimmer that fit well in the left compartment. Links below for reference. Just trying to clear some space. Great deal for someone looking to setup a small tank. I will get photos this afternoon after work and I clean up the tank.Tank and misc parts - 100$Skimmer - 100$Both as a package - 175$
  3. MP10 Sold BRS Ro/Di unit 110$ Tunze Skimmer - 100$ Test Kits - 40$ Neptune Apex PM1 Black Label 55$
  4. BRS 5-Stage RO/DI unit. 130$ Includes Dual Inline TDS, flush kit and auto shut off. Also faucet and hose bib connections. Purchased months ago, max 200g through it since then. MP10w. Manufacture date 9-14. Non QD model. 145$ Tunze 9004 DC skimmer. 135$ Test kits - 50$ for all of them.Aquaforest Calc Test Kit (more than half left) Aquaforest Alk Test Kit (more than half left) Aquaforest Mag Test Kit (more than half left) Red Sea Ammonia Test kit (used less than 10 times) Red Sea Nitrite/Nitrate Test Kit (used less than 10 times) Salifert Phosphate Test Kit ( used less than 10 times)
  5. I am in the market for a biocube 28g Plus. Tank only, no livestock. Let me me know what you have. Thanks.