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  1. BJB245

    Redsea 170

    Redsea 170 complete setup 34 gallon tank, 8 gallon sump Artfully acrylic top Aquamia wifi powerhead Return pump Coralife skimmer Aquatop reactor 2 koralia powerheads with controller 4 bulb t5 fixture Some misc items also Everything is only roughly 2 years old, it is currently still setup and running with about 30-40lbs live rock, a clownfish, diamond goby, and fireshrimp. Livestock needs some tlc. There are some corals in there still alive but mostly just some shrooms $650 Takes it all $600 without any livestock Will not separate equipment at this time I am posting this for a friend, please message me here, thanks
  2. BJB245

    6.7 nano

    What comes with the 3.7?
  3. BJB245

    Biocube 32

    Is this still available?