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  1. Nlfs delete

    Nothing gonna raise these baby clown fish and try again on selling it when they are big enough to put back in the main tank.
  2. Nlfs delete

    Bump clowns now have babies so it will come with breeding equipment.
  3. Nlfs delete

    Bump prices added.
  4. Nlfs delete

    Got generous offers on the equipment and rocks need livestock gone.
  5. Nlfs delete

    All great shape tell him he can come look at it. Just give me a call
  6. Nlfs delete

    Baby bump
  7. Nlfs delete

    Price drop
  8. Nlfs delete

    See something you like make offer. Live stock first
  9. Nlfs delete

    UPDATE CLOWNS NOW HAVE BABBIES TO. I DO HAVE THE SETUP TO RAISE THE FRY. CLEARLY A VERY HEALTHY TANK. Got a baby on the way aquarium has to go.selling my beloved 60 gallon rimless starfire glass reef tank made by SC aquariums fully stocked. Comes with solid wood stand sump live rock fish and all coral $875 Perfect size bio filter is very amazing. ZOA LIST Red ring purple hornets LA lAkers emeralds on fire blondies utter chaos red hornets bam bams wwc twizzlers All acan frags $30 or $75 for all 3 plus the rock. Zoas $30 Sps $35 will sell all colonies and frags for $250 3 colonies and about 8 frags. Garf bonsai colony $50Light is 250 mh coralvue $100 with hood.About 60lbs live rock $ 2.75 lb Mated pair wild clown dish $50 Tons of high end zoas7 different sps all high end 4 for $1001 sifter goby $25
  10. Annual FREE Crawfish Boil - 5/20/17

    Looking forward to it!
  11. WTS Bright Orange Bam Bam Zoas Colonies and Frags

    Price lowered- 8 polyps for $25 25+ polyps for $40
  12. wtt wts sps frag acro

  13. WTS/WTT: RBTA and Ricordea

    Bump. Still have a few ricordea and RBTA for sale. Open to cash or trades for SPS or blue leds.
  14. WTS Bright Orange Bam Bam Zoas Colonies and Frags

    Bump, will also trade for frogspawn, hammer and torches.