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  1. 60 gallon cube for sale reduced (baby on the way)

    Bump price drop need gone
  2. 60 gallon cube for sale reduced (baby on the way)

    All still forsale
  3. Breaking down tank sps sale

    I'm selling my tank so first thing I need to sell is my sps. WILL TRADE FOR LED LIGHTS. Here's what I got Strawberry shortcake $40 Hawkins $40 Plum crazy $40 Slimer $40 Or four for $140 Garf bonsai colony $60 Garf bonsai frag $30 ORA Marshall island $35 Tri color colony $85 top left Also have tons more will update when I get home.
  4. 60 gallon cube for sale reduced (baby on the way)

    Mods please move to equipment. I think this is the wrong spot
  5. I'm selling my SC Aquarium 60 gallon cube complete setup fully stocked. Comes with 250 watt coral vue mh hood stand skimmer heater refugium about 80#s of live rock. Mated pair of wild caught clowns that lay eggs atleast once a month. Diamond goby crabs shrimp snails etc. Tons of sps zoas lps and softies. Asking $875 serious inquires only have atleast $2000 invested. 504-920-0340 pics coming soon.
  6. I'm selling my Apollo 600 watt digital dimmable mh light hood and ballast $130 504-920-0340
  7. 250 watt mh ballast coralvue

    I'm selling my coral vue metal halide ballast. Perfect working condition $75 504-920-0340
  8. Aqua Excel HOB PROTEIN SKIMMER - 3 Months Old $30

    Would you be interested in some trade for it?
  9. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    I need dosing equipment or reactor
  10. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Price drop
  11. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Bump price drop smaller frags added
  12. Zoas

    How about theese
  13. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    Yes text me a pic 5049200340
  14. Zoas, softies and sps frags $25

    ALL PICS UNDER MH EVERYTHING LOOKS EVEN BETTER WITH EVERY OTHER LIGHT EVER USED. BE CAREFUL FRAGGING PRETTY ZOAS PALYTOXIN IN YOUR EYE IS VERY PAINFUL USE GOGGLES WHEN FRAGGING. WILL TRADE FOR CORAL AND EQUIPMENT. Made some nice sized frags of zoas Red hornets 4 heads $25 Bam bams 10 heads $25 Emeralds on fire 10 heads $40 Emeralds 5 heads $25 Or make offer for multiple frags Softies Orange and blue ricordea with green mouth large $30 Small $20 Blue ricordea with 2 green mouths $40 Bright green sps 3inch two branch $40 All make offer open to trades. Open to trade for clams liquid dosing equipment sps or blue led supplemental lights or my fixture 200 watts or less Text for pics 504-920-0340
  15. Nlfs delete

    Nothing gonna raise these baby clown fish and try again on selling it when they are big enough to put back in the main tank.