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  1. WillQ

    Looking for some shrooms

    How many for how much?
  2. WillQ

    Looking for some shrooms

    It’s a bit of an odd request, but I’m looking for discosomas only. I’ve started a little tank in my office and I want to make it a species only type setup. I’m not looking for any fancy color morphs or anything like that, Just your basic blues, greens, reds and purples. However, if you have something that catches my eye, I’ll definitely consider it.
  3. WillQ

    ISO Rock

    Huge thanks for the rock! I look forward to continuing doing trades with you man.
  4. WillQ

    ISO Rock

    Rock can be live, or dry. I'm looking to get 20-30 pounds. Bigger pieces if you've got em. Let me know what you've got!
  5. WillQ

    New to Jennings!

    Hello all, I've been hiding in the shadows of this site for a while now, but I decided it was time to make an account just to get to know some local reefers. I've been in the hobby since 2002 and I am currently in the middle of a build. I haven't met anyone in Jennings who is into the saltwater hobby, but I look forward to meeting some of you.