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  1. Tank crash sale

    Are you selling the stand the aquarium sat on?
  2. 75G for Sale

    Pictures could help this sell faster.
  3. DSA 225 and Custom Stand $1500!!!!

    Does anyone have a way to get in touch with the seller? I've tried to message him but I'm not getting a response.
  4. Apex 275$ Reduced!

    Sold lock up
  5. Apex 275$ Reduced!

    Price reduction
  6. Apex 275$ Reduced!

  7. Apex 275$ Reduced!

    . The probes in the picture are the ones you get.
  8. Apex 275$ Reduced!

    Have no idea
  9. Apex 275$ Reduced!

  10. Apex 275$ Reduced!

  11. Apex 275$ Reduced!

    Looking for 275$ Display Module Easy to set up Perfect low-cost heater/lighting controller Expand up to 7 other Neptune Accessory Modules Connects through LAN network Long-life Temperature Probe: Custom built by Neptune - specifically designed for long-term saltwater use pH Probe: Longer lasting than Standard Probes More accurate results Stay calibrated longer Replace less frequently Neptune Apex Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8 8 Independently Controlled Outlets 6 rated at 5A@120V AC 2 rated at 10A@120V AC 16-Gauge, powder-coated aluminum construction - best protection against a catastrophic failure Energy consumption sent to Apex Controller to better distribute the load Soft-Start - slowly ramps up power to your pumps/powerheads to help extend the life of the pump Power Failure Protection Communication Detection Pre-programmed Failsafe State Extra AquaBus Connections Manufacturer's Manual