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  1. Overrun with RBTA

    I still have two extras, but not sure if I can get them safely detached. I'll keep you in mind if I can get one of them free. .
  2. Overrun with RBTA

    The three I have left are firmly attached to a rock, so I won't be able to sell them until I can get them off. Stay tuned .
  3. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    I would be happy to help. .
  4. Overrun with RBTA

    Bump - $20
  5. Overrun with RBTA

    Bump I know I recently got undersold by somebody else giving these away, but I really need the room that this rock is taking up. $30 for a really nice piece of rock with 3 RBTAs on it. .
  6. Man that really sucks. I'm sorry for your loss. If Jordan can say it with a smile after what happened to him, you know things will get better. .
  7. Overrun with RBTA

    That's the thing. I like the rock too much to break it up. I'd rather someone else have it than break it. .
  8. Overrun with RBTA

    Bump Any takers for $60? That's only $20/ nem plus a free rock. .
  9. Overrun with RBTA

    Ok. So I know I have teased a couple people (@jacob Allen ,@saltyfish808) with my posts about trying to get rid of some of these nems and have not followed through due to not being able to get any of them free from the rocks. But I have finally come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to part with a favorite rock in order to get rid of some nems. I have a sweet piece of rock with 3 very nice nems attached that I want to get rid of to make some room in my tank. I'd like to get $75 for it , but will entertain offers. .
  10. Pickin up the pieces(300 build)

    So glad you're jumping right back in .
  11. Crash, 100% loss

    No words...that just sucks. Sorry for your loss. .
  12. Purple Slimer Frags

    I would like one .
  13. Purple Slimer Frags

    Sorry, that's what I meant- pics of the mother colony. Should have been more clear. .
  14. Purple Slimer Frags

    Pics? .
  15. Overrun with RBTA

    So I finally caught one of the clones post split before it was able to attach itself to anything. It's a small one, but I still need to get rid of it. Any takers?