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  1. Looking for some shrooms

    I’ll give them to you. I can probably get two or three off the rock they are on .
  2. Looking for some shrooms

    I have some red ones you can have. .
  3. FS: Jebao OW-25s x2

    Sold Mods please close .
  4. FS: Jebao OW-25s x2

    I have two Jebao OW-25s used for about three weeks. Too much flow for my tank and wanted to be able to control with Apex so switched to PP-4s.Tons of flow and super quiet.$45 each or $80 for the pair. Local pickup Northshore or possible delivery depending on location.
  5. Blueberry Miyagi Tort $10/frag

    I’d like one. .
  6. looking for filler pieces

    A have some rastas and Sunny Ds that I’m about to frag if you’re interested in either of those. Let me know and I’ll add you to the list. .
  7. WTB Zoas see description for requests

    Sorry, forgot prices. Maybe $20 for a three head frag? . Btw, the clown doesn’t come with the Sunny Ds
  8. WTB Zoas see description for requests

    I have rastas and Sunny Ds I’ve been meaning to frag. Not sure when I’m going to get to it, I’ll keep you in mind .
  9. Overrun with RBTA

    I still have two extras, but not sure if I can get them safely detached. I'll keep you in mind if I can get one of them free. .
  10. Overrun with RBTA

    The three I have left are firmly attached to a rock, so I won't be able to sell them until I can get them off. Stay tuned .
  11. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    I would be happy to help. .
  12. Overrun with RBTA

    Bump - $20
  13. Overrun with RBTA

    Bump I know I recently got undersold by somebody else giving these away, but I really need the room that this rock is taking up. $30 for a really nice piece of rock with 3 RBTAs on it. .
  14. Man that really sucks. I'm sorry for your loss. If Jordan can say it with a smile after what happened to him, you know things will get better. .
  15. Overrun with RBTA

    That's the thing. I like the rock too much to break it up. I'd rather someone else have it than break it. .