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  1. Overrun with RBTA

    These are the two I think I can get out without damaging the foot. .
  2. Overrun with RBTA

    Yes I do. Pm me with a # and a time we can get together to make the trade. When I get home, I'll send some close ups of the two that I am able to get to and you can pick one. .
  3. Mknightryrder's PA 150

    Were they still running? Mine usually lock up when they get that encrusted with coraline. .
  4. Welcome Brandon (saltyfish808) to our staff!

    Welcome! I have serious tank envy when I look at your build thread. Can I bring my wife to your restaurant and get you to help me talk her in to one like yours? .
  5. Overrun with RBTA

    Covington .
  6. Overrun with RBTA

    Not sure what causes it. Some say they split when they are happy. Some say they split when they are not. I assume mine are happy since they not only split but grow like crazy. I started with 1 about 1-2 inches across in December. Now I have 5. The biggest 1 is probably 4-5 inches. .
  7. Overrun with RBTA

    My RBTAs will not stop splitting and I need to get rid of some of them. Anybody need one? $20 each .
  8. PAR meter

    Does anybody know anywhere I can rent or borrow a PAR meter? I'm looking to upgrade my lighting and want to see where I am now so I don't fry everything with the new lights.
  9. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    Interested if you still have it the next time I make it across the lake. .
  10. Salt and 2 Part for Cheap!

    What size 2-part bundle and where are you located? .
  11. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    Yep, it actually worked too well for me. I had to start over feeding my tank to keep the nitrates above zero even after I cut the NO3PO4x dose down to 1/4 of the starting dose. .
  12. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    Its actually a blend of carbon sources. While it is probably mostly methanol, all you have to do is smell it to know it also has vinegar in it. .
  13. Kirk_M's 120 gallon

    They do carry it, that's where I got my last bottle. If you need some and they don't have any in stock, message me. I have a full bottle and can spare some. .
  14. MOBILECALs Upgrade: PA 120

    Looking good. How do you like that Eflux pump? .
  15. Wtb torches corals

    I don't remember seeing any black torches when I came over on Saturday. Were you holding out on me? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk