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  1. Jason had some very nice looking corals available! Wish I could've taken a few home with me...
  2. Nice! Always feels good to get the water in there and begin the cycle.
  3. I dig it. Not a major change in the scape, but it looks like it opened it up a bit.
  4. Looks awesome! I can tell you have a few years of reefing experience under your belt.👍
  5. For sure. I will be a frag sharing SOB once the 180g goes up. A lot of room for fuzzy sticks! Hell, I might even have to trim back these frags in the 30g depending on how long this 180g build takes... Lol
  6. Ignore the middle pic. I can't figure out how to delete it with my phone...
  7. Sorry guys, not much to update on the 180g. Been working a lot and got hit pretty hard by the IRS. Still going to move forward though, just going to take more time. I have picked up some frags recently though from Adam and top shelf aquatics. I picked up a Diablo mille and ASD rainbow mille from Adam. The group of frags in the pic below from top shelf aquatics are the JF Shocktart, Paletta pink tip, ora red table, jkr rainbow acro, and the one in the middle back is a bill Murray.
  8. Looking great! Hopefully I can make it to the crawfish boil so I can see this tank in person again.
  9. Cool, sounds like you're going to have a few of the classic SPS in the tank. Looking forward to seeing some pics of how the tank is looking.
  10. SPS haul from Fragniappe today. Shout out to @lars for not buying up all of the Fraghouse SPS before I had a chance to get my hands on a few. From left to right: Walt Disney, FHC Heat Sink Mille, Dippin Dots, FHC Game Over Mille, JF Sour Twist, and in the back right is JF Fox Flame. I just hope I can keep them this colored up in the 30g. Awesome selection of SPS from Fraghouse, Top Shelf Aquatics and other vendors today. The Fragniappe SPS game has definitely been on point the last couple of years. Come a long way from our first Fragniappe event! 2019-03-09_06-15-57 by Jensen Esneault, on Flickr
  11. Oh, I also did a quick video update on the 180g to give an overview of where I'm at so far.
  12. I don't want to celebrate too soon, but I think I nailed the CaRx setup on the first try on the 30g. I just tested my alk again almost 24 hrs later and it was at 9.2dkh. That's only a 0.2dkh change over the last 24hrs! My calcium dropped to 423 since I tested it last, but that's cool. I'll continue to test daily for the next few days, especially since I'll be adding more SPS frags from Fragniappe. Looking forward to tomorrow!
  13. I got the Skimz CM122 CaRx going today. I ordered a cheap Milwaukee set of gauges and of course I've already blown out the right side pressure gauge...They ship it with the pressure knob detached, I'm guessing so you don't do what I did and screw on the knob too far before opening up the CO2. Oh well, at least overall it's still functional. I set the drip rate to a pretty steady drip, but the bubble count is only 1 or 2 bubbles per second. I set the pH on the controller to 6.9-7.1. The tanks alk level is currently at 9dkh, so I'll test again tomorrow afternoon and if it has dropped to 8.0 or below I'll go ahead and drop the pH to 6.8-7.0 and see what that does for me. I definitely want to have this reactor dialed in within the next 48 hrs, so the frags I bring home from Fragniappe will be introduced to a stable system. Wish me luck! 🤘