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  1. RedStickReefer

    IM 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Build

    Looks great! Can't wait to check it out.
  2. RedStickReefer

    IM 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Build

    Are you going to build a stand with a wrap around ledge to double as an end table or are you building two separate units? I was just curious because I know you have a cased opening to the kitchen on the other side of the chair, so just curious how they were both going to work in that space.
  3. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Thanks, it's okay though Eric. Those corals died a month or two ago. Other than the two fish deaths recently the tank has been on the upswing, so I'm happy. Forgot to mention above that I also added some green acans from AquaHut. He had some nice looking rainbow acans at the time for a great price, same as the green ones I bought, but I went for the green ones. They were just looking particularly stunning that day and outshined the rainbows to me.
  4. RedStickReefer

    BRK annual FREE crawfish boil!

    Any pics from the boil?
  5. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Just an update on the tank. I added a small yellow tang, skunk cleaner shrimp and an emerald crab to the tank. A few weeks later both my royal Gramma and bangaii cardinal died. They were both looking fine and eating well and suddenly they both died. I never saw the tang picking on them or anything, so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe the tangs presence stressed them out enough to kill? No clue. So it's only my yellow tang and bicolor blenny left in my tank now. Also, the gold nugget and M-80 mille are officially dead. The rainbow Doom mille turned bone white, but I could still see some polyps hiding down in the skeleton so I left it in the tank. Well, recently it as started to regrow its skin and regain color, so I believe it's going to survive. Going to be a long road to full recovery though. All the rest of my corals are doing fine. With the addition of the tang I had to put the brs reactor back online. My tank became an algae farm within the first week after adding the tang. That's about it. The above has been my recent struggles, but the tank is moving along ok for the most part. Now performing biweekly water changes and my parameters have never been more stable. Looks like I'm on the upswing from here... hopefully.
  6. RedStickReefer

    IM 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Build

    Haha, I was hoping when you looked at my tank the other day it might help rekindle that dying flame for reefing you were hiding inside. All part of my evil plan to suck you back into reefing. Lol
  7. RedStickReefer

    And it continues... 300DD In-wall Build

    Man, this tank finally has water and Will's back...what will happen next?!?! Looks awesome Eric!
  8. RedStickReefer

    IM 20 Gallon NUVO Fusion Peninsula Build

    Welcome back Will! I knew you couldn't stay away forever. Looking forward to seeing this build.
  9. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Well, today sucks! I did exactly what I was trying not to do...Nuke my corals. I put the BRS media reactor online for a few days and then cut it off. It has been off for two days now. I get home today and all my millepora are showing STN. The gold nugget mille, M-80 mille and rainbow doom mille are all half dead. There are still some polyps left where the skin has melted away on all three corals, but I'm not holding out much hope they'll survive. We'll see what happens. If they croak I'll just have to go back to the drawing board. Sucks because things were going so well and they were encrusting and then BOOM! Goners. The SSC, Miami orchid, purple bonsai, and WWC Yoda are still doing fine, but I'm watching them closely. I have been testing my tank a lot, so I know it's nothing parameter related. I just overcompensated for algae/cyano outbreak. CRAP!
  10. RedStickReefer

    Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Not sure how to go about lowering nitrates and raising phoshpates, but personally I wouldn't worry about trying to lower your Mg. I don't think it'll hurt anything being at that level. If your really want to, maybe do a couple water changes? Not sure if that'll help though depending on what the Mg level is on your salt mix. My Mg is at 1500 and I don't even worry about it...
  11. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Haha, yeah getting in those two screws sucked! I did have to use the stubby screwdriver and the wood was hard. It was a b!tch!
  12. RedStickReefer

    RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    My BRS media reactor came in yesterday. I didn't measure before ordering and the regular size reactor is bigger than I thought it would be. I figured I had enough room to mount it under the stand above my sump, but I don't. Never the less I was able to get it installed out of the way behind my stand to one side where I can access it easily. I used 1/2" murlock fittings and silicone tubing for the install, and ran the reactor input line to one of the valves on my manifold. The output line runs into my sump behind the skimmer and is wedged down in the baffle to the return pump section. Love this silicone tubing. It's so flexible and easy to work with. I'll add the media and check for leaks on my next water change at the end of this month. I'm thinking about trying a combination of carbon, GFO and phosguard all in the same reactor. The GFO shouldn't be able to solidify into a brick with the carbon and phosguard in between the granules. Going to use small amounts of each to start out with so I don't totally nuke my tank...anyway, we'll see how it goes. Here's a couple pics of the installed reactor. 2018-04-18_04-35-15 by Jensen Esneault 2018-04-18_04-34-59 by Jensen Esneault 2018-04-18_04-35-31 by Jensen Esneault
  13. RedStickReefer

    E-cig users...

    Dang, that sucks. I have heard of people being sensitive to it as Eric mentioned above, but I dont know anybody personally that its made sick. Sorry to hear that. If I couldnt vape I'd definitely go back to being a smoker. Sucks that vaping makes you sick, but smoking can kill you. I hope that youre able to quit altogether.
  14. RedStickReefer

    E-cig users...

    Ah, the ole vape thread...I think that's the first time someone's dug up this discussion thread to try to make a sale. That's hardcore brother. What you vaping on? I've been liking the smoant cheron and twisted messes 24 lately, but ive already cracked the glass in several places on my smoant...
  15. RedStickReefer

    BRS 2 Part

    I ordered the 7 pound bags of calcium and alk. We'll see how it does. Has to be better than what im using now from them. The soda ash has a brownish tint to it after mixing...yuck.