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  1. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Well, with all these epic builds happening I've been motivated to finally begin planning my dream build. It's been on my mind for the longest time, but havent been motivated to start planning with several other home improvement projects going on including construction of my outdoor kitchen next year. This will take a few years to complete, but I figured I'd go ahead and start a thread, so y'all can help me out along the different stages of planning and then building. I've decided to go with an 8x2x2 240gallon tank. Not 100% on the manufacturer at this time. I have a greenhouse/courtyard area between my master bathroom and carport shown below. I'd like to tear it down and properly enclose the space with insulation and electrical. After enclosing the space I'll have approximately 15.5'x7' to build an equipment/sump room. The tank will be in the living room where my 90g is currently, and will be plumbed directly through the wall into the fishroom behind it. Sadly, once the 240 is up and running my 120 will be broken down. The 90g will likely be moved into my fishroom to be used as a separate system for emergencies, or plumb it in with the 240...not sure yet. Thinking about using a 150 gallon Rubbermaid stock tub as my main sump. I think these industrial poly and acrylic sumps are rediculously over priced. It's my dream build, but I'm not looking to risk not being able to pay my mortgage for a nice big sump. Lol
  2. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Well, today sucks! I did exactly what I was trying not to do...Nuke my corals. I put the BRS media reactor online for a few days and then cut it off. It has been off for two days now. I get home today and all my millepora are showing STN. The gold nugget mille, M-80 mille and rainbow doom mille are all half dead. There are still some polyps left where the skin has melted away on all three corals, but I'm not holding out much hope they'll survive. We'll see what happens. If they croak I'll just have to go back to the drawing board. Sucks because things were going so well and they were encrusting and then BOOM! Goners. The SSC, Miami orchid, purple bonsai, and WWC Yoda are still doing fine, but I'm watching them closely. I have been testing my tank a lot, so I know it's nothing parameter related. I just overcompensated for algae/cyano outbreak. CRAP!
  3. Mistakes in Reefing

    We've all made some mistakes along our reefing journey, I know I have and I'm not afraid to admit it. I was just curious, what are some of your biggest mistakes? I have to say my biggest mistake ever ever was housing a coral for another reefer after a meet without dipping. They forgot their coral at my house after the meet and I didn't have any dip. This was before I knew I could run to Home Depot and pick up some Bayer...and of course the local reef shops were closed. I was faced with putting the coral in my tank without dipping, or letting the coral die because it was going to be days before they could come back and pick up their coral. Well, I figured it was one frag and what are the odds I'd get something. Well, I apparently beat the odds and my old tank never seemed to recover and move forward after that. My second worst mistake I think i made was accidentally dosing a whole gallon of alk in less than 24 hours. At the time I didn't have any dosing pumps and tried to DIY a slow drip alk solution as I could NOT get my alk above 7dkh for whatever reason. That didn't work out and inevitably my tank and EVERYTHING was completely coated in precipitate. I'll see if I can find an old pic of that... Surprisingly, and luckily, I don't think I lost any corals and I even had some SPS in my tank at the time. What's your story?
  4. Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Not sure how to go about lowering nitrates and raising phoshpates, but personally I wouldn't worry about trying to lower your Mg. I don't think it'll hurt anything being at that level. If your really want to, maybe do a couple water changes? Not sure if that'll help though depending on what the Mg level is on your salt mix. My Mg is at 1500 and I don't even worry about it...
  5. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Haha, yeah getting in those two screws sucked! I did have to use the stubby screwdriver and the wood was hard. It was a b!tch!
  6. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    My BRS media reactor came in yesterday. I didn't measure before ordering and the regular size reactor is bigger than I thought it would be. I figured I had enough room to mount it under the stand above my sump, but I don't. Never the less I was able to get it installed out of the way behind my stand to one side where I can access it easily. I used 1/2" murlock fittings and silicone tubing for the install, and ran the reactor input line to one of the valves on my manifold. The output line runs into my sump behind the skimmer and is wedged down in the baffle to the return pump section. Love this silicone tubing. It's so flexible and easy to work with. I'll add the media and check for leaks on my next water change at the end of this month. I'm thinking about trying a combination of carbon, GFO and phosguard all in the same reactor. The GFO shouldn't be able to solidify into a brick with the carbon and phosguard in between the granules. Going to use small amounts of each to start out with so I don't totally nuke my tank...anyway, we'll see how it goes. Here's a couple pics of the installed reactor. 2018-04-18_04-35-15 by Jensen Esneault 2018-04-18_04-34-59 by Jensen Esneault 2018-04-18_04-35-31 by Jensen Esneault
  7. E-cig users...

    Dang, that sucks. I have heard of people being sensitive to it as Eric mentioned above, but I dont know anybody personally that its made sick. Sorry to hear that. If I couldnt vape I'd definitely go back to being a smoker. Sucks that vaping makes you sick, but smoking can kill you. I hope that youre able to quit altogether.
  8. E-cig users...

    Ah, the ole vape thread...I think that's the first time someone's dug up this discussion thread to try to make a sale. That's hardcore brother. What you vaping on? I've been liking the smoant cheron and twisted messes 24 lately, but ive already cracked the glass in several places on my smoant...
  9. BRS 2 Part

    I ordered the 7 pound bags of calcium and alk. We'll see how it does. Has to be better than what im using now from them. The soda ash has a brownish tint to it after mixing...yuck.
  10. BRS 2 Part

    I ordered some stuff from BRS last week and I was shocked to see they are discontinuing their 2 part. Does anybody know why they might be doing this? Also, I'm curious if you currently use their 2 part, what are you switching to? Im currently using their 2 part, but im thinking about trying out the B-ionic stuff. Ive never tried it.
  11. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Thanks Eric! I ordered a BRS media reactor that should be here by the end of the day tomorrow. I have two 2lilfishes reactors, but they won't work with the space I have under the stand and in the sump. The BRS reactor should work well for me since right now im just using two media bags, one for carbon and one for phosguard, in the sump. I plan on combining the carbon and phosguard in the single reactor. This should allow me to get better use of the media, and the reactor can hold a little more media than I currently have in the bags. The tank should be cleaned up pretty good by the end of the week and hopefully I'll start seeing some improvement in the m-80 mille. I also ordered the pharmaceutical grade 2 part, which will be an improvement since it has less impurities. Another thing I'm considering is upping the intensity of my Radions a little. Waiting until I place my next order with fraghouse corals, and get those sticks light acclimated, before I do that though. Right now my overall intensity is only at 45%.
  12. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Not a great week for my reef last week. Nothing major, but a few minor inconveniences I'll have to overcome. I let the media sit a couple weeks longer than I should have before replacing it and I got a little carried away with the fuel and reef roid dosing...My phosphates went up and I had a small cyano and algae outbreak, which has already begun to die. I replaced my phosguard and carbon last week and tested today. My phosphates were back in check, but my calcium was low at 410. Alk was still looking good at 9.3 so I gave the calcium a little 10 ml boost. The bad news is my M-80 mille totally browned out on me and it's not getting good PE. Also, the purple bonsai is looking a little faded. The good news from last week in spite of all that is my maze brain coral has officially completely recovered, the raptors peace favia is splitting heads and encrusting, my SSC is looking better than it ever has (getting good color contrast between the green branches and pink corallites) and encrusting, and all the other SPS are encrusting and still doing well. So, onto nursing the M-80 mille back to it's former glory. ETA a funny story. When I went to test my tank and add more Ca/Alk to my dosing containers I noticed 3 of my snails had crawled out of the tank. One was on the floor and two were on opposite sides of my pvc manifold behind the tank. I have no idea how long they were out of the tank, but they were still alive. I threw them back in the tank and they're crawling around like nothing
  13. BRS 2 Part

    Cool. Thanks for the link. I swear I clicked on that last week and it said it was discontinued...Maybe I clicked on the wrong thing. I'm glad to know they aren't discontinuing selling the product altogether as I thought.
  14. BRS 2 Part

    It appears to me they aren't selling it at all. It all says discontinued, even the stuff in the mylar bags.
  15. Jstan84's PA 65 rimless

    Tank's looking good. What Acro is that at the top in the middle? Keep us posted on the test results.
  16. Kirk’s 350-ish build

    Man, that really sucks you lost all of your SPS, the new tank/stand looks gorgeous though. Pukani for the win! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this tank.
  17. New LC Reef Newbie

    Some quick advice I have for you is keep an eye on that feathery algae growing on the plug with the pipe organ coral, or whatever soft coral that is. It looks like Bryopsis to me. It's a nuisance algae that can completely overwhelm your tank and smother corals. It might eventually die off and be nothing to worry about, but I would definitely keep an eye on it. There are many threads on here and online on how to deal with it. I had to battle it myself at one point and had decent success getting rid of it. Raised Mg levels using tech-m, bought some emerald crabs that ate it, etc...
  18. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    I picked up a royal gramma and sandsifting starfish from aqua hut today. I also picked up some reef roids. If you read my last post in the bicolor blenny thread my plan for the reef roids was to spot feed the maze brain back to health from the damage the blenny inflicted. Well, I tried to get all out of the box and soak the reef roids in aquavitro fuel. FAIL!...After washing the syringe and tsp scoop to administer the concoction i failed to remember that I pulled the fuel out of the fridge. I didn't let the syringe temp acclimate before spot feeding and completely shocked the hell out of my corals. I spot fed a few SPS too and they immediately washed out in color and expelled mucus. My SSC was one of the first ones I spot fed and it's so sensitive. Hopefully i didnt just kill it. I guess we'll find out in a couple of days if not tomorrow. Won't do that again! In addition, im not sure if its good to put concentrated Fuel directly on a coral anyway. It's typically poured into a powerhead so it is diluted and dispersed throughout the tank.
  19. Bicolor Blenny

    Not that I've seen. It just swims around the rocks scraping off algae. I think the blenny has finally stopped nipping at my maze brain coral. If it is still nipping I havent witnessed it happen in a while. I dont think it likes swimming across to the other side of the tank where I put the coral. It's too far away from his hole. Now I need to do something to nurse the brain coral back to health. It's not dead, but looks really bad. Was thinking about maybe soaking enough reef roids in aquavitro fuel to make a paste and spot feeding it with a syringe. Interested in seeing how the coral reacts as I've never heard of anyone trying that before...I'm sure someone out there has though. Will spot feed my raptors peace favia while im at it too just because. It's doing excellent in my tank though.
  20. Bicolor Blenny

    I put a bicolor blenny in my 30g last week. Pretty cool fish with a ton of personality but.... Today I came home to the maze brain coral I bought at Fragniappe completely retracted. So much I can see the bone through the flesh. I thought WTH, this coral has been looking better and better every day since Fragniappe and now this? My first thought was great, adjusting my tank's Alkalinity must've zapped it, but IME brain corals have done better for me with a dKH of about 10. I figured I hadn't bumped up alk past 10, but I tested just to make sure. I was going to test alk today anyway. My tank's alk level is at 8.6 according to the Hanna checker, which is fine. I tested salinity too and it was fine. I sat down to watch the tank for a while and bingo! The bicolor blenny has been incessantly picking at it ALL day. I'm talking about REALLY picking at it over and over again...I've always been more of a coral person over fish, but this blenny is pretty cool, so personally I'd rather lose the coral than remove the fish. However, I am going to try to do whatever I can to save the coral. I moved it over to the side of the tank opposite of the blenny's hole and behind a rock against the back wall, which BTW, has plenty of algae on it for the blenny to eat. I'm hoping if it's out of the blenny's direct line of sight it might stop this behavior and give the coral a chance to recover. I also turned off my skimmer for the time being. I figured a phosphate level of 0.02 isn't doing the brain coral any favors either, and the SPS can withstand a slight rise in phosphate. I always thought of blennys as being completely reef safe. Even though I heard bicolor blenny's could pick at LPS corals on occasion I have never seen it, and I definitely didn't think if they did pick, it would be so incessant and enough to cause real damage.
  21. New LC Reef Newbie

    That's pretty cool what you've done with that old CPU.
  22. New to Saltwater

    Looking forward to see what you do with this tank. Nice scape!
  23. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    Sounds like a good idea to me. Thanks! I have to laugh at myself getting so excited over something so small, but while observing my tank today I noticed the strawberry shortcake is showing the first signs of coloring up. It's also very slowly beginning to encrust. I know it's hard to tell in the pic, but it's very obvious in person that it's gaining its green color with pink corallites between the branches in the middle of the fork. Small progress, but I'm super excited because it gives me hope that this might be the first SSC I've ever been able to keep alive. 2018-03-24_02-50-05 by Jensen Esneault
  24. Bicolor Blenny

    Dang, that's rough. Bye bye blenny. lol
  25. I'm curious about how your corals are responding to those oceanrevive LEDs? Also, what do you have the blue/white channels set to? Just wondering if beyond having a timer are they any better than typical black box LEDs. They look nice. I've read that the fans go out in them pretty quickly though. Please keep us posted on how they do for you. Thinking these lights could go on my list for a small frag tank in the future if my corals continue to do well.