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  1. wiltzlan

    Hanging an ATI sunpower

    [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] .
  2. wiltzlan

    Hanging an ATI sunpower

    You could've called me to help. You know I'm light on my feet.
  3. wiltzlan

    Jawalker85's 120

    Boy, you love the big cities... You know I'm from Crowley. I go home at least once or twice a month. We'll have to grab a beer.
  4. wiltzlan

    Jawalker85's 120

    How's it going Ronnie? You moved to Rayne?
  5. wiltzlan

    Jawalker85's 120

    +1 Damn you Ronnie!!!!
  6. wiltzlan

    Couple of acros for sale WYSIWYG

    And I see I missed this one and the pink lemonade from Kirk too. Gotta get on my job.
  7. wiltzlan

    Couple of acros for sale WYSIWYG

    Where are you located? I'm interested in the valida. .
  8. Interested in all of the tangs if they're still available.
  9. wiltzlan

    Any idea's why these hermits stay at the bottom of this gbn?

    I'm figuring there's food there.
  10. wiltzlan

    Blonde Naso - $80 - Monroe

    I'm coming through Monroe June 14th. If you still have her, I may be interested. I have a 300g tank.
  11. wiltzlan

    To Zeo or not to Zeo

    Those of you that know me, know that I'm not for any unnecessary labor. I'm thinking of getting one of the automatic reactors so I don't have to pump and to use dosing pumps wherever possible. I'll have to look into the costs Earl. I didn't think about how expensive the additives were.
  12. wiltzlan

    To Zeo or not to Zeo

    That is the question... Thinking about running zeovit on the 300g. I ran it many years back on my old 140 with pretty good results. Anyone here running Zeovit? Where the hell is Bobby???
  13. wiltzlan

    Hi from Natchitoches

    Nice scape. I've always liked corner tanks. Is there a LFS in Natchitoches? I'm back and forth there working on a project for NSU and would like to check it out if there is a store there. Oh and Welcome!!!
  14. wiltzlan

    Skimmer suggestions???

    Looks like the Vertex Alphas are using Askoll pumps now. I can get the BK Double Cone for about the same price as the Vertex Alpha. I really wouldn't be offended if one of you sold me your Alpha 300 though. Any takers???
  15. wiltzlan

    Skimmer suggestions???

    That's a nice skimmer but the auction has ended. Where did you find your Alpha?