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  1. Any livestock still looking to move?
  2. These came with New Display Tank Package I bought at MACNA. I want to go in different direction with my lighting. Each one include light, mount and controller. Has 2 channels that are adjustable with knobs at top. Controller is programmable for on/off time and has moon, sunrise and sunset feature. First $180 cash gets 1 and $350 get both.
  3. See pics. I lowered the weir between ref and pump to lowest setting and set other weir between skim and ref 1” higher. That puts the Skimmer in about 8.5” water. kirk...I still have 3” of water above Return Pump. I could remove the weir panel completely which will drop that level another 1” and drop other weir 1” but not sure if nevessary (unless I need Skimmer in less than 8.5” of water.
  4. Will post full picture soon and also set weirs for Skimmer needs. Then need help adjusting Skimmer to prevent surprise wet skin and depletion of water in sump.
  5. I was told to set weir 1 to proper height for Skimmer (8”), Then Set weir 2 about 1” lower. Also, set Skimmer 100% open for now and slowly close it till ideal setting. I know it should be aboitnhwre bubble at top of neck...but...also seen it overflow immediately after changing socks so don’t want to accidentally wet skin sump down again.
  6. ...setting up a new 125g tank in Covington with a 30g sump but having issues with setting the correct levels in sump, as related to the Skimmer as well. Had 2 major scares that could have turned into tank crashes and Return Pump burn out. Here is what I posted on other groups/sites but hoping a friendly expert on NorthShore that way want to come check it out, help ;-) Any Sump experts out there? NEED HELP! I am having serious issues setting the ideal/proper level in the sump. There are 2 adjustable weirs: #1. between the Skimmer Chamber and Refugium Chamber then #2. between the Refugium Chamber and Return Pump Chamber. I assume #1 should be higher than #2 because if #2 higher, than #1 is not used. Is it typically about 1” diff? Do I then move them both up/down to the ideal setting for the Skimmer? Can someone guide me based on attached pics (Ignore current water level, which higher than weirs temporarily).
  7. Can you send pics of toadstool...have anything else that not small/frag?
  8. I know most people reading this are already have a setup BUT thought you might know a friend/family that may be interested in getting into the hobby with everything they need. Complete Saltwater Tank setup for Sale. With EXTRAS and everything else you need! Original Fluval M90 package which was 36G Tank, Stand, Skimmer, Return Pump & 1 LED Light. Cost me $800. Extras are InTank Media Basket, 1 Powerhead, 2nd matching LED Light, Fluval Programmable WiFi Light Module, Refugium Light, Sand, Most of the Live Rock, Flame Angel Fish, and some coral. Cost me $800+ Will include everything else such as Food, Chemicals, Salt, Bucket, Test Kits, Net, Magnetic Glass Cleaner, etc. Cost me $200+ Over $1,800 invested, First $700 takes it! You can put a $200 deposit to hold it and in 2-4 weeks you can pick it up. I need a few weeks before I can shift my other fish and larger corals to bigger tank. Located in Covington...Jeremy with Coral Cove Nola handles maintenance and said he would move and set back up for around $250-$300. Let me know if interested or have questions.
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    What's left for sale?
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    I might be interested.