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  1. Correct...but you cannot get them at that price anymore. I am just asking little more than I paid since likely wont use.
  2. I bought these brand new and realize don’t need. Never opened. Three different models/sizes. L60 - $150 L75 - $175 L90 - $200
  3. Looks like purple inside and green outside in picture.
  4. Updated pics. They look even better today.
  5. Thanks but prices already good at $150 separately, $130 for all great deal.
  6. Where located? Why selling?
  7. Have the following if anyone interested: From left to right... Candy Cane - $10 SOLD - Large Leather - $20 - SOLD Medium Leather - $15 Small Leather - $10 SOLD - Bubble Tip - $15 - SOLD SOLD - Mushroom - $15 - SOLD Large ? - $25 Large SPS (Teal Stag) - $30 Located in Covington. Mon-Fri 9-6 ideal but can meet other times.
  8. Any livestock still looking to move?
  9. These came with New Display Tank Package I bought at MACNA. I want to go in different direction with my lighting. Each one include light, mount and controller. Has 2 channels that are adjustable with knobs at top. Controller is programmable for on/off time and has moon, sunrise and sunset feature. First $180 cash gets 1 and $350 get both.
  10. See pics. I lowered the weir between ref and pump to lowest setting and set other weir between skim and ref 1” higher. That puts the Skimmer in about 8.5” water. kirk...I still have 3” of water above Return Pump. I could remove the weir panel completely which will drop that level another 1” and drop other weir 1” but not sure if nevessary (unless I need Skimmer in less than 8.5” of water.