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  1. Green branching hammer for sale

    So sorry for delay on prices been setting up my new 90 rimless and working.
  2. Green branching hammer for sale

    Ugh thought I️ would get email when ppl responded. Single heads are $20 I’ll give you colony of 10 heads 1 piece, $150, have a colony of 32 heads 1 piece will sell it for $450.
  3. Have green branching hammer for sale by colony or individual heads. Also large green finger leather colony.
  4. Green branching hammer

    Soon to be selling off my green branching hammer coral it’s currently about the size of two footballs I’m guessing 50 heads by now. Will have some pictures up soon and an actual number of heads.
  5. Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Cerium oxide from some polishing I did that's the pink dust stuff all over.
  6. Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Yea still available. It was given to me by a friend it just looks like they do ie the edges are rolling a little on one seam I looked at. I personally wouldn't take the chance. I just don't wanna buff scratches out I need it gone before I just toss it.
  7. Free 75 gallon oceanic

  8. Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Ps. I started to polish out some scratches but it's more work then o feel like doing right now.
  9. Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Hey guys if anyone wants an oceanic 75 gallon tank it's got some scratches, a stand and sump with it. it is yours if you want it bottom left side is drilled. it needs polishing to get those scratches out I'd say a reseal and it looks really dated. Let me know pickup only pm me I'll send ya pictures.
  10. Tearing down tank

    You will be willing to sell just the primes and mounts?
  11. You said make an offer. Used isn't new
  12. I could do $150 for one of the radions
  13. LF 40 breeder in lafayette

    I just broke one down no leaks I'll have to check it for scratches. Pm me with your number if ya want and I can text ya pic's probably tomorrow if you still looking.
  14. Eshopps sump for trade

    Eshopps sump for trade i got an all in one now don't need it I'm open to trades so hit me up I'm open to anything really just ask, it's a 20 gal sump I think. It is scratched from the live rock and rubble. and has build up on it. But no leaks. located in Lafayette