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  1. Bonzi

    (2) New MP10’s

    I have 2 mp40’s for sale plus a reef link for $500 just a heads up if interested
  2. Bonzi

    Mp40 quiet drive package deal

    2 mp40’s quiet drive powerheads just been service for a year no problems $250.00 each or $500.00 for both plus a reef link thrown in when you buy both.
  3. Bonzi

    Gear for sale

    2 mp40’s quiet drive $250 each both working no problems. Radion gen 3 pro w tir lenses and mount $350 w bag full of accessories aquatic life t5 hybrid fixture w 2 ati blue plus and 2 ati purple plus bulbs 100 hours on bulbs $150 reef link $65
  4. Yes I do, also price drop 1000.00 for everything
  5. Yea live stock for sale too, orange shoulder tang, scopas tang juvenile, hawk fish forget name looks like Anthias, pair of ocellerus clowns, two rbta’s, and a tailspot wrasse. I just wanna get rid of everything will take 150$ for all just make offer if you want something please I’ll concider it.
  6. Will sell everything for $1500 but parting out is an option as well but bundle would be the steal.
  7. Forgot to add also have 2 mp40’s and reeflink as well
  8. Ok I have a 90gal glass cage for sale 24”x24”x36” center overflow, stand, sump, octopus skimmer, gen 3 radion w stand tir leases, also have a aqualife t5 hybrid hanging fixture. Neptune ato, external return pump.
  9. Bonzi

    Green branching hammer for sale

    So sorry for delay on prices been setting up my new 90 rimless and working.
  10. Bonzi

    Green branching hammer for sale

    Ugh thought I️ would get email when ppl responded. Single heads are $20 I’ll give you colony of 10 heads 1 piece, $150, have a colony of 32 heads 1 piece will sell it for $450.
  11. Have green branching hammer for sale by colony or individual heads. Also large green finger leather colony.
  12. Bonzi

    Green branching hammer

    Soon to be selling off my green branching hammer coral it’s currently about the size of two footballs I’m guessing 50 heads by now. Will have some pictures up soon and an actual number of heads.
  13. Bonzi

    Free 75 gallon oceanic

    Cerium oxide from some polishing I did that's the pink dust stuff all over.