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  1. What is allelopathy? Allelopathy is a biological phenomenon by which an organism produces one or more biochemicals that influence the germination, growth, survival, and reproductions of other organisms. ( Coral can use allelopathy to conduct chemical warfare on other coral species. Have you seen this occur in your tank?
  2. Laura Walsh

    Who is on your tank clean-up crew?

    Thanks for your response. In our aquaculture tanks with substrate, we use a combination of astraea snails, margarita snails, scarlet hermit crabs and small blue leg crabs. Scarlets are great consumers of tougher algae. However, blue leg crabs are able to get into spaces where nothing else can fit. We also keep one pair of fire shrimp per system. They offer a wide variety of benefits, but their real strength is that they are quick responders to large deposits of leftover food. They will consume the leftovers before the hermits or snails can reach them. We really like the color of the fire shrimp.
  3. What kind of clean-up crew do you have in your tank? All tanks need ongoing human care and maintenance. However, we have many live friends who do a terrific job in helping us maintain a clean and healthy tank. Snails, crabs and shrimp can help rid the tank of fish waste, algae and uneaten food. Sand shifting sea stars and the tiger conch do a great job in cleaning a tank’s sand bed. Who is on your clean-up crew?
  4. Are you looking for some beautiful soft coral? We now have the following: Bloodshot, Super Nova, Salted Agave, Utter Chaos, Punk Princess, Alpha Centauri, Iron Eye, Incinerators, Antidotes, Rainbow Vampires, Passion Fruit and Event Horizons. Click here to view. Event Horizons
  5. Laura Walsh

    Sale on Purple Sylophora

    Purple Stylophora have bright lavender polyps with distinctive white growth tips and unique green highlights. A rapid grower, the Purple Stylophora is suitable for an entry level SPS keeper. Click her for: Purple Stylophora
  6. As a general rule of thumb, any type of small-polyped stony coral (SPS) can be fragged, regardless of its overall form. You want to be sure that the coral colony is healthy and of adequate size that you will not kill it by cutting it into pieces. The size of frags doesn’t really matter. They can be as small as a half of an inch and they will still grow into full-size colonies, with the proper care. Have you fragged any of your colonies?
  7. Atoll featured coral. The Bali Green Slimer, a Staghorn growth type Acropora, is one of the easiest of all Acropora corals to care for. It has a vivid lime body and white tips. Upon contact with hands, fish, or other corals, the Green Slimer lives up to its name by creating a gooey mess of protective slime. Keep an eye out for the second and much less common color type of Acropora yongei, the Blue Slimer, which produces equally impressive colonies. We will have the Blue Slimer available soon. Click here to learn more.
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    Introducing Atoll Aquaculture

    We are excited to introduce Atoll Aquaculture. We exist for those who find themselves entirely captivated by aquatic life. We are a team of researchers and aquarists committed to producing an exquisite and pristine array of captive cultured coral and other marine species to achieve conservation through cultivation. We have invested in state-of-the-art aquaculture systems. By using the highest quality equipment and innovative methods on the market today, it allows us to satisfy our clients’ desire for perfection. These systems and practices provide a stable and dynamic growing environment to shorten growing periods and assure the health of the specimens so that we can provide you with the pristine specimens you are looking for. Click here to check out our website.
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    Welcome Atoll Aquaculture, New Premium Sponsor!

    Thank you for checking out our website. We look forward to getting to know your membership. We hope we can be a resource to you. Laura Walsh