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  1. Black Widow nem

    Sold admin please lock up thread.
  2. December 2017 POTM Submission thread (Anything goes)

    My colorado sunburst even under whites still pops
  3. CSB Anemone straight cell picture

  4. CSB Anemone straight cell picture

    If it splits I can put you on list
  5. CSB Anemone straight cell picture

    This colorado sunburst is super bright was lucky to be able to get ny hands on a true lineage one from ki islands. Makes even my high end chalices and sps look blah lol
  6. Black Widow nem

    Nice healthy black widow nem was going to put in tank but decided not to still in holding box. Price 120
  7. Tearing down tank

    Close thread admin
  8. Tearing down tank

    Admin close thread please 6lilfishies no need for bashing this hobby is about enjoyment and you get what you out in the hobby thanks have a blessed weekend.
  9. Torches for sale and other corals

    Admin close post please
  10. Torches for sale and other corals

    Tore down tank so here list of what I have left livestock wise Gold nugget clown 60 Aussie purple green tip torches 2 for 60 Rainbow torch 50 Or all for 150 can text pics inbox me if interested thanks
  11. Looking for Euphyllia(hammer, frogspawn,torch)

    Sent you message
  12. ISO Walt Disney Acro

    I have waltdisney I can cut would need 2 weeks to heal
  13. Looking for Euphyllia(hammer, frogspawn,torch)

    I have few torches and gold octospawn
  14. Flame angel

    Sold admin please close. Gracias to everyone in group
  15. Tearing down tank

    Also mp10 quiet drive