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  1. My yellow eye Kole tang caught the ich and didn’t make it through the copper treatment, lost him today... so I’m in search of another Kole tang orrr a flame fin tomini tang! Would rather buy from another hobbyist than a lfs. So I’m seeing what’s available. Tia
  2. Amc8804


    I am selling my entire set 40g breeder set up to make room for my new tank! Willing to separate everything and sell separately but only if everything is claimed. Will much rather sell together!! 40 breeder set up: 40g breeder glass tank Custom stand and canopy Lights: 2 AI Hydra 52s with director and a GLO T5 24” set up Tunze osmolator nano 3152 ATO Aquamaxx 1 hob skimmer Seachem Tidal 110g hob filter hydor korlia 850gph powerhead Asking around the $600 range for everything sold together. This is negotiable though. Pm me for more info!
  3. Amc8804

    Biocube 32g LED SOLD!

  4. Amc8804

    SOLD! Mods please close

    Updated price list! I would love to keep these frags in the bayous!!