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  1. Larger homewrecker sold Crazy t sold Mint pavona sold 1p moneyshot sold 1 bonsai left 5 watermelons left 3 king Midas left
  2. @110reef, I haven’t used flux rx brand, but I have used the reef flux brand before in a client tank that didn’t respond to other treatments. It worked quite well, but it didn’t appear to do anything until almost the 2 week mark. Keep us updated on the progress of this product, it may work slightly differently.
  3. If the bag was in perfect condition with no puncture holes, I'd use it. Sometimes those boxes just fall apart due to the salt being very heavy and it beats the box to death during shipping.
  4. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago. When my normal delivery of salt arrived, one was in a Lowe's box. Apparently the box had been dropped or fallen off of a conveyor belt in transit, and the bag ripped. There was a 5" gash in one side, and they just wrapped the bag of salt in a cheap garbage bag, then put it in a Lowe's box and sent it on. I have no idea if any of that salt that touched the floor got back into the hole bag or what, so I just tossed the whole box. Not worth risking my tanks or my customer tanks over one box of salt. If it hadn't been ripped, I would've inspected it for puncture marks and possibly have used it. Did your bag have any holes or gashes?
  5. @kirk_m Tank is looking good! Glad you got everything rolling with the new tank.. I've got one frag of mint pavona sitting on my racks, if you're interested. Also, check into bacteria dosing to help "balance" out the tank. When I've had issues with tanks doing generally odd things, adding some different types of bacteria seems to help (in some cases). Dr. Tim's refresh and the sludge buster are some that come to mind, as well as "life source" made by aquaforest. Just my $0.02.
  6. Good morning fellow reefers! We’re looking for a knowledgeable and upbeat person to help us part-time with maintenance and installs! Flexible schedule, great pay, and other benefits. Please send your resume and contact information to Thanks!
  7. Okay, I’ve just finished cleaning up this 41 and it’s ready for sale! The setup includes the tank, epoxied aquascaped live rock (all one piece for easy transport), live sand, external overflow box, fan-vented stand, spare vent fans, under cabinet LED’s, sump, return pump, heater, skimmer, and some few extra filter socks. Light and fish NOT included. -Custom 41g from Planet Aquariums drilled and fitted with an eshopps eclipse XL external overflow that is plumbed bean-animal style for ultra quiet operation. -Cabinet is a refinished buffet with new hardware that has been reconfigured for a sump section, ato reservoir/dosing container section, and electronics cabinet. The sump and electronics cabinet are vented with fans, and the setup will come with two spare plug and play vent fans. Cabinet is fitted with LED lights that are already installed. -Sump is custom built and features an open top filter sock holder for easy sock changes. Sump comes with return pump, skimmer, and heater. There is an area built into this sump for a refugium, bio media, or other section of your choice. This setup is cycled/running and is ready for fish and coral. There’s over $1000 invested in this setup as-is, but only asking $400. PM me with questions. First come first served, no holds.
  8. @JerPow83 I'll be bringing two 1/2" frags of JF Homewrecker to Fragniappe if you'll be attending. -Jeremy
  9. Mike, Give the denitrate a shot. It should work well for you, especially since your nitrates are already at 20ish. I've only had one tank that the denitrate didn't reduce the nitrates, but only maintains them. It's a predator tank with larger fish, so I'll vinegar dose that tank to bring the nitrates down to a manageable level and see if the denitrate can hold the nitrates at the new lower level. Every other situation I've used the denitrate in has worked just fine. Let me know if you have any questions about it! -Jeremy
  10. Ken, You should see an improvement in the nem with your change in light.. Kessil makes great lights. I have that light over a 8g cube and it provides enough light for LPS and zoas. As for your zoas, what are your nutrients in the tank? I've found that pretty much any coral will look a lot better when your NO3 is about 2-5ppm and your PO4 is roughly 0.02-0.07 ppm. Lower than that usually tends to wash out colors, and higher than that may or may not make the color dull. That's not always the case, but most of the time proper nutrient levels help a lot. -Jeremy