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  1. Aiptasia Laser Rental - $25/week.

    Mike, I've found that the laser does well as far as not allowing them to spread after treatment. I had one frag that came in with two small aips, about 1/2" disk diameter, and one treatment completely destroyed them with no signs of them since (treatment was about a month ago). One of my other maintenance tanks had a nano that was completely overrun with all sizes of them, and it took about two weeks of daily treatment to get it back under control. They were huge and literally covering the rocks like Xenia, lol. Because your tank is so large, I'd recommend also adding some peppermint shrimp to help with any left overs that you may have missed. As far as my experience with it goes, the the laser is extremely effective, but unfortunately we're humans and we can't always see every single one... the laser is kind of the workhorse that gets the tank back to a state where peppermint shrimp can control them. Let me know if/when you'd like to give it a shot and I can get it over to you.
  2. Need 2 borrow.

    It does. The bulbs are probably past due to be changed, but they should work for the 3 days during Macna. They are giesemann brand, bulbs are 24". One lagoon blue, one aqua pink, one midday 6000k, and one pure actinic.
  3. Need 2 borrow.

    I've got an aquatic life 30" 4 bulb fixture that you could use, if that works. I was trying to sell it for a friend that dismantled their tank, but it seems that 30" isn't in very high demand, lol.
  4. Aiptasia Laser Rental - $25/week.

    We now offer laser rental as part of our available services! The rental fee of $25/week includes our 2.1 Watt 445nm laser, a pair of OD4+ safety goggles rated to protect against 445nm light, batteries, battery charger, carrying case, and laser safety information documents (1-week min rental). A $300 deposit ($250 for BRK members) is required to rent the laser, and will be refunded minus the cost of the rental once the laser is returned and has been found to be in proper working condition. Also, a liability waiver must be signed at the time of pick-up. If you have any questions or would like more information on laser treatments, please contact us!
  5. Acro pic

    It's a really helpful app! It takes a little experimenting, but the white balance and warmth settings are usually the big two to play with, and the ambiance brings the colors out that the camera has a hard time picking up as well as reduces shadowing that your eyes don't see as much. Sometimes the warmth setting exaggerates the color too much and you have to reduce the saturation, etc, to get a realistic color. It usually takes me about 3 minutes from the time I take the pic until it's ready to send, which is extremely handy when sending quick shots of wysiwyg pieces I'm shipping or bringing to a customer.
  6. Acro pic

    Check out the Snapseed app for quick phone shots. It's free and has enough options to get you very close to actual coloration.
  7. No freaking way!

    Ohhhh man, that thing is awesome!
  8. WD acro... :D

    Edited the OP for a little more clarification.
  9. Millepora & collector zoas!

    For sure, we'll have some ready for you! And thanks for the prayers Mike! He's our most expensive frag yet, lol.
  10. WD acro... :D

    So, we decided to make a small business purchase...we have a 1" Walt Disney frag coming in soon! We will be growing our frag out and updating y'all as we experiment with placement and water parameters to gain the elusive pink hues that are difficult to obtain. We're starting with a standard 1" frag so we can more accurately make suggestions to our customers on how to care for this awesome coral. We don't want to just send our customers off with an expensive frag and not be able to give them advice on how to take care of it! Be sure to follow our Facebook page and hit the subscribe button on our website as we bring you updates on this beautiful piece and tips on how to care for it! Is your tank WD ready? If not, we can help! Shoot us a pm or visit for details. (daylight photo courtesy of All Delight Corals)
  11. Millepora & collector zoas!

    Sure will! If you remember Mike, I told you awhile back I had a free Rasta for you whenever you made it down this way, but I can add the freebie onto the $50 frag if you want.
  12. Millepora & collector zoas!

    Thanks! I try to avoid those 0.25" booger frags when possible, lol.
  13. Millepora & collector zoas!

    Awesome! It's a great piece. Heres a little preview for everyone:
  14. Millepora & collector zoas!

    Sure, I'll cut a few frags today and list them in the online store later tonight. Mrs. Coral Cove delivered our newest frag (newborn) late last week, so I'm not completely done adding livestock options yet since we've been so busy with the new addition.. So just know that there will be more options soon! Off topic- How's that Blue Cali Tort doing?
  15. Millepora & collector zoas!

    Sunrise Mille frags will be $45 for a 1.5-2" frag. Thanks! It's a really awesome piece and one of our favorites. The orange and green really look great together.