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  1. High end sps

    Pm sent
  2. High end sps

    @JerPow83 I'll be bringing two 1/2" frags of JF Homewrecker to Fragniappe if you'll be attending. -Jeremy
  3. February 2018 POTM Submission Thread (Zoas/Palys)

    One of my favorite pics from the archives!
  4. Method for managing nitrates

    Mike, Give the denitrate a shot. It should work well for you, especially since your nitrates are already at 20ish. I've only had one tank that the denitrate didn't reduce the nitrates, but only maintains them. It's a predator tank with larger fish, so I'll vinegar dose that tank to bring the nitrates down to a manageable level and see if the denitrate can hold the nitrates at the new lower level. Every other situation I've used the denitrate in has worked just fine. Let me know if you have any questions about it! -Jeremy
  5. New light

    Ken, You should see an improvement in the nem with your change in light.. Kessil makes great lights. I have that light over a 8g cube and it provides enough light for LPS and zoas. As for your zoas, what are your nutrients in the tank? I've found that pretty much any coral will look a lot better when your NO3 is about 2-5ppm and your PO4 is roughly 0.02-0.07 ppm. Lower than that usually tends to wash out colors, and higher than that may or may not make the color dull. That's not always the case, but most of the time proper nutrient levels help a lot. -Jeremy
  6. SPS

    @Mobilecal Ouch.. sorry to hear that man. I'll be bringing a handful of sticks to Fragniappe, so stop by my booth and Ill work with you on a pack to get you back started again. Just make sure to get your tank back on track before the event. Let me know if you need some advice to help get back on track. -Jeremy
  7. Fragniappe teaser video

    Thank you! We hope to see you at Fragniappe!
  8. What Salt?

    Wanted to do a quick report of my findings so far with the Aquaforest Reef Salt. I've gone through roughly 12 boxes this last month, and each batch I've tested has mixed within the specified ranges for the big three. I mainly tested for Alk, so I didn't test every single batch for Calcium or Mag, but when I did test, Ca/Mg were within range. I haven't had to change any 2-part dosing amounts since switching, and all the tanks I'm using the AF mix in haven't skipped a beat. It doesn't leave almost any residue in my containers, mixes clear pretty quick, and I can leave it mixed for more than a day without worrying that it will cloud up like the hW reefer mix did. I'm going to stick with the Aquaforest salt for awhile and will report back with long term findings. -Jeremy
  9. Powerhead needed, suggestions?

    Haven't heard any updates on the wave puck, it seems that it's still not quite ready for some reason. However, one of my customers on the Northshore has been using the Apex power heads for awhile now and really likes them.. he says they put out some serious flow. I've heard of quite a few people that are happy with the performance of their Jebao pumps, especially at the price point their listed for, but I haven't had any daily experience with them yet. -Jeremy
  10. Fragniappe 2018

    Fragniappe 2018 is definitely going to happen @vertigo! As Greg stated, a big chunk of BRK's user base has seemed to migrate over to Facebook, but many of the long-time reefers still use the forum.
  11. Dumping LEDs. Back to T5HO we GO!

    I had a long run with LED's before finally switching back to T5's.. It's made a huge difference in growth and color for me. I'm sure you won't regret this decision! I've tried Kessils, Radions, and the Black boxes.. all of which produced pretty good color, but not like T5's do. My previous bulb combo for the 6 bulb fixture I have was 3B+, 1UV, 1C+, 1P+ (all ATI). I had really good growth and color with that combo. I recently added two Reefbrite XHO's onto my fixture to add a little more blue saturation and allow corals I sell out of that system to adjust more easily to tanks that use LED. My new bulb Combo is 2 B+, 1 P+, 1 C+, 2 UV, and the 2 Reefbrites on 50%. The corals took awhile to adapt, but I'm getting a pinch better color with the extra blue saturation from the Reefbrights. Hopefully some of this info is useful for you! -Jeremy
  12. looking for softies

    We'll be bringing a bunch of shrooms and a few green nepthea frags to Fragniappe!
  13. Fragniappe teaser video

    We did some more cutting this evening....
  14. Fragniappe teaser video

    Good afternoon fellow reefers! Here's a quick iPhone teaser video for fragniappe... we've also got a number of zoas and sps that aren't pictured, including 2 frags of JF Homewrecker! We hope to see y'all there!
  15. Trav's 70g CadLights Artisan II

    Looking good Travis! What's the current fish list for this tank?