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  1. I know you're set on the mesh socks, but fwiw I've noticed that washing felt filter socks with hydrogen peroxide makes them clog less than when I used to wash them with bleach or just straight water. It used to be that I had to change the felt filter socks daily, but they now last me roughly 5-6 days before becoming clogged. I change them twice a week, so they're never clogged by the time I go to change them now.
  2. @kirk_m, yes sir! I've maintenanced tanks as a side job for a long time, so I figured I may as well make it an official side job by registering with the state, getting licensed/insured, and, of course, sponsoring BRK.
  3. Joe, I know you are. I've been a individual member of BRK since 2012, worked at Aquatic Specialties in Kenner for 4 years before starting this business, and have met you and quite a few other BRK reefers since then. We mainly perform maintenance services, but also buy and sell colonies that are overgrown. Most of the frags we have (mainly Z's n P's) are already grown and ready to be cut, I'm just in the process of transferring everything from quarantine into the holding tank. We only have a few frags of sps for now, but don't worry, I'll up our sps game soon.
  4. Hello, BRK! We are excited to finally get business started and sponsor this great group of reefers! We are a licensed and insured “come-to-you” aquaculture and aquarium care company that services Southeast Louisiana from Baton Rouge to New Orleans and everywhere in between. We also service the Northshore from Denham Springs all the way to Slidell, and even the West bank from Luling to Belle Chasse! Here’s a quick list of the products/services we currently offer: -100% Aqua-cultured coral -Aquarium maintenance (one-time cleanings or routine maintenance) -Aquarium Installation (We install new or used!) -Neptune Systems Apex installation and programming -Vacation tank monitoring service -In-person consultation -Frag-saw cuts -Laser aiptasia treatments (Coming soon) -PAR meter readings -Dry goods (HW reefer salt mix & dry rock) -Treasure Corals Aquaculture Program (You could call it an aquaculture “network” where we buy and sell coral to and from reefers that have over grown colonies. Participants in the T.C. Aquaculture Program get rewarded!) Our complete details are located on our website at, but please feel free to comment below with any questions about our company. We are also on facebook at, where we post updates about new frags and services, but also have a subscribe option on our website where we send an e-mail directly to you regarding new services and livestock as soon as it becomes available. We will do our best to spend time giving advice on this forum to help out our fellow reefers, and we look forward to hearing from everyone here at BRK! Thanks for checking us out! -Coral Cove