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  1. D2shock87

    Par meter

    I would let you use mine, but that's too far from me. Look at the seneye reef. That's what I use, just for the par meter function. It's a lot less expensive than other par meters and works well
  2. D2shock87

    Par meter

    Where are you located?
  3. BRS accidently sent me the 36" instead of the 48". Customer service was nice enough to send the correct size and not make me ship this one back. So, I'm only asking $10 for a brand new, never removed from the box, ATI 36" actinic t5 39 watt
  4. Price? Are you parting out or only selling whole?
  5. NVM says you cant receive messages. How many gallons are the containers?
  6. This for sale thread has to have the record for most views lol