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  1. fish tanks for sale

  2. Water mixing/storage container and pump

    NVM says you cant receive messages. How many gallons are the containers?
  3. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    This for sale thread has to have the record for most views lol
  4. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    What has the price dropped to?
  5. Complete 90 gal Tank Setup forsale

  6. How well do your tangs get along? I see you have several different types. I've read mixed opinions about their compatibility with each other
  7. Complete 90 gal Tank Setup forsale

    Great deal!
  8. Custom 89g rimless AIO $400

    So tank, filter socks, and pump for $400?
  9. 100 Gallon Rubbermaid

    Still available?
  10. Frag system

    What are the dimensions on the tank?
  11. looking for 6 foot light

    How strong of a light? 60" sunpower?
  12. Just completed my first purchase from the used equipment forums. tech4x4 was totally honest, very knowledgeable, responsive, and an overall great guy. You should have no worries purchasing anything from him.
  13. Looking for protein skimmer

    Aqua Euro USA classic 135- $100 It came with a 125 gallon full setup I bought but I had already bought a $500 vertex
  14. (Reduced)Chiller and metal halide setup from 180 gallon

    Still available? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk