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  1. Works great. Control knobs to adjust brightness and spectrum. Does not include gooseneck. I mounted this without one. Looking for $150. Im in metairie
  2. Used with bubble trap. Works great. $45
  3. Lots of mushrooms.Too many to count. Looking for $60. Im in metairie
  4. Both in lightly used and good working order. Coralife fixture $80 Fluval Fixture. $65
  5. Ive got around 100lbs of extra base rock that Im not using. Some large pieces. Would like to trade for livestock or equipment or $80. Im in Metairie
  6. I have a AI Prime HD with mounting arm. Its about 6 months old and in perfect working order. Im in Metairie $125
  7. I'm the second owner. Vortech MP10 (Not the quiet drive version). Its been working great for me the last few months. The previous owner accidentally cracked one of the impeller blades but managed to repair with epoxy. Does not affect performance. Comes with controller. Currently running on my tank. Looking for $75
  8. Unfortunately my phone always washes out the color in my tank pics
  9. I have about a 2 inch wide cluster of orange zoa. My phone washes out the color but its a nice shade of orange under the right light. Looking for $25. Im in metairie
  10. Just wanted to spread the results i had with the Green Killing Machine UV sterilizer. I had an algae bloom i could not get rid of. For 2 solid weeks my tank looked like this . i finally broke down and spent $42 At petsmart. 3 days later my tank was as clear as its ever been. I highly recommend it if you are having a similar problem
  11. I have a nice size orange zoa frag(sorry i cant keep up with all the crazy zoa names). These are bright orange under blue light. I also have a couple different favia frags. Im looking for $60 for all 3 together. Im in metairie.
  12. I upgraded to a bigger tank and tried to move this one to tbe new tank. However im having trouble getting it to put out as many bubbles as before. The pump may just need a good cleaning. I really dont have the time to work on it so im going to lower the price to $30 and let the next guy play around with it