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  1. $500 Drilled 6' x 16" x 24" tank, stand, canopy, 4 lights

    Still available?
  2. Spring Cleaning Sale

    interested in cube and koralias. pm sent
  3. New leopard wrasse

    Hows this guy doing?
  4. Homemade Frozen Foods

    How fine do you chop the food up?
  5. Homemade Frozen Foods

    Doing some research, it looks like a few people just use a medley of fresh seafood, (shrimp, octopus, squid, and saltwater fish) just chop it up and add some nori in it as well. Some say to add selcon, where as others say it will just blow away once it’s put in the tank. I’m going to keep looking and doing research and will probably start in the next couple weeks making my own.
  6. Dumping LEDs. Back to T5HO we GO!

    Still getting good results with the T5? better color as well? I am thinking of supplementing my led's with a 2bulb or switching completely to a 6 bulb for my 75g
  7. Searched frozen foods here on the site. Did not see a thread for it. Sooo. Let’s start one! Anyone here making their own frozen blend to feed? What’s in it? How long have you been using it?
  8. LSUHSCmgr

    I worked out a deal with him because he said he was getting out of hobby. Offered to buy the remaining corals for a set price, next day he was posting more corals for sale to try and get more money out of it. I don’t blame him for wanting more money, wouldn’t we all, but don’t agree to sell a number of pieces for a set price then going sell those pieces off and still expect the same amount of the remaining. I just didn’t go through with the sale.
  9. Three months in

    Two lights would give you more par than the 1 I am running.
  10. Three months in

    There have been studies done on it. Remember seeing it when I was doing my research. They have a chart on their website that is accurate according to some reefers readings on them.
  11. Three months in

    Also, what is the 84 on top of the tank, temperature?
  12. Three months in

    Correct me if I’m wrong, the current pro isn’t just two of the light bars, correct? It still comes with the 1/2w leds, which is the same as a regular current orbit. I am running a 48” current ic led, and one 24” orbit led older model. Not sure how much older, but the 24” that is not loop compatible has much brighter leds than the ic. I’d say you need a little more to run high demand lps, sps, and clams. Even the pro model does not put out much light. But it is great for a softie tank, and the weather patterns are awesome. What size is your tank?
  13. Tanks

    Please close
  14. Lol I’m going get another 40b tomorrow, should have never gotten rid of it 🤣 but I’m glad you got to upgrade. I wasn’t using it at the time. Like I said, it looks good.
  15. Tanks looking good.