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  1. Roid Reefs

    Free birdsnest

    I'd take some. May not be able to make trip to slidell but could meet in New orleans/ Metairie area
  2. any reason? would seem like a downgrade.
  3. Shouldn't have an issue with the coral beauty and jumping. Not a common jumper. I had one in an uncovered tanks for a while. Lost firefish and gobies.
  4. Sold, Sorry. Only the 48" is left.
  5. Picture shows the 48" Photon, and both lights up over the tank. Both lights come with controller and hanging mount.
  6. Posted a while ago on fb, now making it onto here. Selling a 48" and a 24" Photon V2. Wireless Remotes for both along with hanging kits. Both run about a year, less than 50% on any channel. Asking 400 for the 48" Asking 250 for the 24" - SOLD Located in New Orleans area.
  7. I have two 24" Reefbreeders lumen bar colors available. not sure if that would suffice.
  8. No livestock available. Edited to show what equipment is available.
  9. Here are some pictues. One with blue light is most recent. others are to show sump and stand and what tank looks like.
  10. Edited to show what is left for sale. 75 gallon (48"x18"x21"tall), Custom 20 long sump with filter sock holder, Stand, plumbing including loc line return lines, brs screen kit. 450 Current Orbit IC LED 48-60" - 125 Jebao DC8000 Pump- 80 Reef Octo Classic 110 int skimmer 150 Rossmont mover 900 powerhead 30
  11. 150 Gallon. 72" x 18"deep x 29" tall. Need it gone. $150. Located in Metairie Holds Water, Canopy hinges need to be redone. Was going to upgrade to it, but the wife wanted a bigger tv so I only have 5ft for a tank. If its not sold soon I will be scrapping the tank and using the glass as windows for a shed.
  12. interested in cube and koralias. pm sent