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  1. My First Build 75g

    Sand added. Just need to get some putty/glue for the rock. And the scape will be done!
  2. Method for managing nitrates

    Thanks for the info. I will have to remember this trick for down the road.
  3. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    glad I see y'all talking about home depot valves. that's what I just put on my tank. I wanted to buy all gate valves, and I will when I redo my plumbing on it in about 6 months.
  4. My First Build 75g

    One last update to it. We all can’t. Ready to have it up for Christmas! My son is excited, he gets to pick the first two fish (clowns) that go in there. Fingers crossed I’m not spending 400 on clowns.. lol 5C2F76D2-0800-4C38-AFBB-F8ECDBFF3919.MOV
  5. My First Build 75g

    Aquascaped today. Thinking this is what I’m sticking with!
  6. My First Build 75g

    Still have to organize wires and set up lights and such. And get the loc line for the return line. But it’s moving along faster now! The family is super excited!
  7. My First Build 75g

    Plumbing done. Saltwater mixed. And all the rock moved from the brute into the tank last night. Going to work with my son this week on aquascaping. Since the rock cycled in the brute, gonna ghost feed and wait another week or two just to be sure it’s good to go. Hoping to have the first fish in the tank Christmas weekend!
  8. upgrade from 25 Gallon Hex to 180 gallon

    Going to look into this. was thinking about looking into the raspberry pi3 for making a controller myself once I get my tank up and running. what you can do with them is ridiculous like you said.
  9. RedStickReefer's Dream Build

    lookin good!
  10. My First Build 75g

    I will definitely look into the durso, but I'm going to try the herbie method first. Both of the holes drilled were for a 1" bulkhead. somehow the previous owner rigged one of them for a 3/4, so idk how that worked out for him, but im going to have the 1" main return and 1" emergency.
  11. My First Build 75g

    Just resealed the tank yesterday, and put it on a different stand. going to let it cure for about 48 hours. Also going today to get paint to paint the back of the tank black. I moved it inside while I had help. Easier for me to slide the tank and stand out from the wall and do it inside than try to move it by myself from outside to inside.
  12. cycle a new tank.

    you want to cycle with no light. best way. prevents algae growth. just make sure to ghost feed or add shrimp from the store and swap out every few days to prevent too much break down and keep bacteria reproducing. once you get it cycled you can always add first fish with just a cheap led strip off amazon if you wanted so you have something to look at in the tank before you buy light to support corals. are you starting with live rock or dry rock?
  13. Fritz

    Anyone know any LFS in new Orleans area that sells fritz?
  14. Multiple Tanks in a system

    I gotcha now. yeah, I will calculate the flow through the pipes with gravity and coefficients of resistance and such for all of that. engineering pays off. I haven't fully drawn up the plans but I will probably have the two 40's come back together and the 75 on its own line.
  15. Multiple Tanks in a system

    What do you mean? running a main overflow and an emergency I shouldn't have to worry about this issue right?