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  1. LF Dosing Pump

    Mods please close, got one... Thanks all...Pat
  2. LF Dosing Pump

    Thanks my friend.. Kinda looking for a jebao 3 Thanks again...Pat
  3. LF Dosing Pump

    Looking for inexpensive dosing pump... Thanks...Pat
  4. Fraghouse corals

    Thanks... never been to one, looking forward to it...
  5. Fraghouse corals

    Cool...nice score... When is the next fragniappe...?
  6. Breaking down tank sps sale

    Which is the Marshall island...??
  7. Duncan frags for sale

    Tank is doing great...everything is doing real well... last week I planted all the zoa frags I had aquired (all 56 of them)
  8. Duncan frags for sale

    Got one from him...Very nice & Very healthy...great deal & great seller...
  9. RKL

    LF Reefkeeper SL-1 module... Thanks
  10. ATI bulbs & others

    Great prices on ATI bulbs & others going on at right now...also other items
  11. I will back out if its only SPS...
  12. Zoas

    Looking for yellow color zoas... Thanks
  13. Koralia

    LF 2-Koralia nano's Thanks
  14. it at MACNA, it's doing great, must like the tank...
  15. It's no SPS, but it is a Fuzzy