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  1. RKL

    LF Reefkeeper SL-1 module... Thanks
  2. ATI bulbs & others

    Great prices on ATI bulbs & others going on at right now...also other items
  3. I will back out if its only SPS...
  4. Zoas

    Looking for yellow color zoas... Thanks
  5. Koralia

    LF 2-Koralia nano's Thanks
  6. it at MACNA, it's doing great, must like the tank...
  7. It's no SPS, but it is a Fuzzy
  8. WTB Reefkeeper lite

    Found one...Thanks Please close
  9. WTB Reefkeeper lite

    Looking for Reefkeeper lite... please advise... Thanks
  10. WTB Reefkeeper lite

  11. Aqua max

    LF Auamaxx nemo 24-36" Thanks
  12. 144 gallon Oceanic Half Circle

    Saw this in person...REALLY Nice... Good Luck...
  13. Aqua max

    Fusion is 24" long...I also have a 4 bulb t5... did the 4 bulb t5 work good for you...??
  14. Aqua max

    I also have a Chinese 165w, would this be ok for IM Fusion 20... thanks
  15. Aqua max

    Looking for light to top a IM fusion 20... Any recommendations / offers...??
  16. Reactor

    LF SMALL reactor...
  17. Reactor

    Something small for 20 long nano with sump...
  18. Torches for sale and other corals

    Had NO problems dealing with him...A-ok by me...
  19. Reef 238 Photos

    Awesome...looks like "behind the scene" of the Aquarium of the Americas (probably nicer)...👍👍
  20. Mega zoanthid sale.

    Looks like Reefmd joined in 2014... here is a most recent post: Posted August PICK 6 for 120$ Super deal!(except scoly) Red hornets 4 for $25 Rhasta 4 for $25 Blondies 2 for $25 Emeralds 4 for $30 La lakers 4 for $20 Wwc twizzler 4 for $25 Utter chaos 4 for $30 SC orange rainbow 2 for $25 Pink hallucination 2 for $30 blue steel 2 for 20$ lunar eclipse 2 for 25$ SPS JF dayglow favia 50$ JF orange violet montipora 30$ JF sunset stylo 30$, JF sidewinder favia 25$ Forest fire dig 20$, bubble gum dig 30$ red dig 10$ ATL appeleberry monti 35$ Wwc slimeball 35$ Cali tort 30$ Red dragon 25$ mr pacman 25 Appleberry Monti WWC slime ball Scoly 130 Scoly 120 Scoly 140 Red hornets, emeralds, blondies twizzlers La lakers utter chaos Cali tort Send him a PM to see what he still has...
  21. Oct 7 meet at Coral Connection

    Thanks Everyone...!!
  22. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    Thanks Everyone...!!
  23. LF RO/DI unit

  24. LF RO/DI unit

    Let me know if anyone has above... Thanks
  25. Oct 7 Livestock Thread

    Thanks...see ya Saturday...