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  1. 2 x (New) ATI Coral Plus 48" lamps - $20ea 4 x (New) Blueline Actinic 48" lamps - $10ea 1 x (New) Neptune Apex WXM module- $100 1 (lightly used) AI Prime Fuge led w/ flex arm not pictured - $120 I cant ship the t5s but I can ship the WXM and prime fuge, shipping extra of course. **Pickup in Lake Charles**
  2. Thanks Kirk....i think those canister holes itself are all the same size probably, just need to get the 3/8 ID adaptors for it.
  3. Im looking to add a phosphate reactor to the 180 and saw that BRS sells one. Is this the same as a BRS stand-alone DI reactor? Is the cartridge the same also? So I would use the sponge inside my DI cartridge, fill with Phos media and set a small tumble flow?
  4. Good stuff Deron! Glad to see some of us old salts getting back in the hobby again
  5. Hmm, that could work, yeah i would just be concerned with the fish getting into the overflow. I have a number of small gobies and chromis that could fit through even eggcrate. Maybe a smaller sized screen gutter guard? Good suggestion.. Thanks Scott, I get a first hand look at the reefs here everyday so it has been an eye opener. Makes me sick to see all the trash on the reef, even once people had the bright idea of using old "tires" to make an artificial reef, well once the storms came and broke free the tires it created a hell of a mess knocking into corals dislodging them, besides the fact that not many corals will settle on rubber to begin with! Then you have raw sewer pipes that empties directly out into the ocean, you'd think this was a no brainer to stop that but it still continues in some places in Broward County. Can go on and on about direct human impacts on the reef, but hobbyists are not the problem as is other stuff i mentioned and coastal development/beach renourishment are also big impacts.
  6. Jerry, wish I could make it! Im ready to spear whenever you are, its been hella rough out here lately so not much diving but that should change in the next month or 2.
  7. Its made out of the same material oceanic overflows are made of. I tried bonding some flex plastic to it but couldnt get a good bond, that was when the tank was empty so now im a bit hesitant to try anything now its full. Thanks for the comments everyone! Ken, Yes most is Pacific, but i have a few atlantic species in there. Will probably collect some gorgs and sponges next time i dive to put in there.
  8. Well as anything university related, it took a while to get funding and permission to do anything with the tank but all is good now! Completely revamped the entire system, went with an ATI Sunpower 8 x 80watt T5 fixture, 2 Koralia 1400gph pumps on controller for water flow, and kept the same ASM G4 skimmer. The water level sits low due to the poor design of this tank, the overflow is about 4" below the lip of the tank, have no idea why..But anyway here are some shots of it with fish and a few frags in! Fish stock so far: Powder Brown Tang Sailfin Tang 10 Chromis 2 red firefish 2 flame cardinalfish lantern basslet royal gramma pseudochromis diadema 2 dispar anthias Sleeper goby yellowhead jawfish coral beauty angel 6line wrasse 2 tank raised ocellaris clowns lawnmower blenny
  9. Well I think I will go the T5 route with the 8x80 watt ATI fixture, it will only cover 60" of the tank but that shouldn't be a problem with the reflectors covering the other 6" on each side. I don't want to start off with only 2 LED fixtures and regret not having enough to get a 3rd. Now to wait another month on the university approval,
  10. Thanks for the offer! But its really hard to pay private individuals through university funds, have to set them up as a vendor and all that stuff...But really appreciate it, and thanks for the advice on the bluelines...JT i think this tank may be 22" high, I do know its a 160.
  11. Well the tank is finally coming together! Winter time is here, so will be stuck in the office and not diving a whole lot unfortunately...but hey more time to dedicate to the tank now..Heres a pic after filling it up, this rock wholesaler donated some rock to us, not the prettiest rock but beggers cant be choosers! Hope to get some LEDs and get this tank stocked soon
  12. JT, I dont want to risk DIY bc my arse would be on the line if that fixture catches fire or anything. Unfortunately I can't get 3 radions with my budget, what about the 3 blueline 144watters? Anybody use those and can comment on them?
  13. Sorry guys that this topic has been discussed about a million times already, but when it comes to LED's im a Newbie so bare with me... So I got funding to buy some lights for my university's 160gal 72x24x24" tank, so im working with a strict budget and looking into the following fixtures in my range. Some fixtures I can only afford 2 of while others I can purchase 3 in my budget. I'm not sure if I can get any more funding for a controller to operate dimmable LED's so please keep this in mind also. Any help on this would be appreciated. I do want to keep SPS, but this will be more of a mix reef, but hey thats what we all say at first right? haha Suggestions for: Option 1: (2) Ecotech Marine Radion Option 2: (2) Aqua-illumination Vega Option 3: (2) Blueline 288watt LED fixture $1,090 Option 4: (3) Blueline 144watt LED fixture